Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Then & Now

The fashion trends of tomorrow are often inspired by yesterday. What we like is influenced not just by the aesthetic but nostalgia and the feel of a moment in time.  Which is why some looks are classic and are sure to be recycled time and again.  Right now we are seeing a 70's revival and a touch of 80's (now that we are far away enough) all made new with fresh colours and lines.  How do you know what trends to go for?  Look at old photos of your favourite fashion influences and see what draws your eyes.  Whatever you wear think, "will I be mortified of this picture in 5 years?"  It's not just about being original but clever to spot a classic style when you see one!
Take these for example:
Wynona Ryder attempts to be a good girl in Mermaids with her peter pan collar, a favourite look for Alexa who likes the grown up little girl look with an edge.

Kelly Kapowski was the sweet one on Saved by the Bell and Audrina does that sweet all American look with her off the shoulder number :)
No one does royal cool like, well, a royal! T-shirt, blazer, worn jeans and boots, it's all effortless like Chloe's take on it but you know heads will turn!

Keep it simple like the iconic Jane Birkin.... simple can be beautiful and practical!  Top buns are having a moment, both Sienna and Whitney are fans.  Instantly feminine and chique, even in a rush you can pull off this look!

I just got this dress off Ebay last week... a lovely 70's/ early 80's vintage

Asos have a few that look like this one but I get an extra buzz for the hunt and knowing it's unique :).  It cost me less than 10 and I intend to wear it to a wedding I have at the end of the month. For really nice vintage stuff check out Armstrongs Vintage Emporium on Ebay or Great vintage at really good prices!

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