Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspiration from the Past

I like old movies and magazines for fashion inspiration and old ideas to recycle.  I'm not a big fan of showing aging famous people "Before & Now" images to mock them as it's not very nice.  Age is a cruel thing but sometimes the vanity of youth can be crueler still!  These are a few pictures I thought were great even just to look at as they are really beautiful.

Carrie Fisher looks simply lovely here with her short sleeve knit and city shorts.  This could be now. I like chunky bling but her delicate jewellery here makes it look really pretty.
Nothing like a sincere smile! Carefree hair and hardly any make-up.
Blade Runner is such an iconic movie and I love all the outfits Sean Young wears in it, including her rolled up hair! It's a clean look with no bling which makes it look so sharp!

Barbara has had loads of different styles over the years and I think this one is really cool!  There's a similar turban on ebay at the moment in the outlet part. Am I brave enough? Are you brave enough?

Brook Shields ,like Madonna but not OTT! Big hair is back, remember crimping? We didn't have a crimper so I would braid my hair into 30 little braids and unleash the mane the next day :) You can't beat a great t-shirt!

Remember Nastassia Kinski? A Roman Polanski favourite.  I like an over sized jumper and loose tailored trousers... looks good and looks comfortable too!
Speaking of Polanski, here is the tragic Sharon Tate in a simple crochet dress.  Knitted dresses will be a plenty this autumn and this Bardot like do and cat eyes will go nicely with it!

A bit of discipline please! Wallis Simpson never got it wrong.  Structure and elegance were applied to all outfits in the day and I like outfits that project control and grace like this one. Looking forward to the new Madonna movie coming out about the inseparable Wallis & Edward... if the film flops the outfits will be a sure winner anyway!

Un peut de francais SVP! Lou Doillon, daughter of the fashionable Jane Birkin and sister to equally stylish Charlotte Gainsbourg, has a way of putting things together you wouldn't think go together but it's the ease and self confidence that make this sort of style work.. effortless!

 Gloria Vanderbilt. Her whole family were stylish and interesting... Google them sometime! I think Jasmine Guinness looks like her and definitely draws from her style.  Dainty lace and pearls, these never go out of fashion!

Ali McGraw, a real fashionista of her day.  A combination of sun tan, disco and hippy.  Ever see Love Story?  Fancy balling your eyes out? This girl was photographed all the time so there are loads of good pics on the net to get fashion ideas from.

Nancy Cunard is a bit of a tragic figure (Really interesting life if you can look her up) but her style was most certainly not tragic! This woman was dramatic with her look.  Stacks of bracelets, bold make-up and a mix of feminine and masculine... not everyone can do it but if you proportion your pieces right it definitely makes a statement!

Anyway, hope you liked these as much as me.  Thought it would be nice to see different images than the usual, Madonna, Farrah Fawcette and Debbie Harry (not that they are not stylish, just over-used!) 

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