Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Traveling with Children Part Two!

Well I survived my trip with three kids under 4 and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.... I wouldn't do it again just for the fun of it but besides being well stocked with wipes, snacks and activity books the most important thing was to go at it like it was a game.  I placed a blanket on the floor and after take off I put my youngest (7 months) on the floor nearly under a seat but he could roll around safely and I could see to the other two.  The little tv screens were helpful even though the kids couldnt use the earphones and having a change of clothes refreshed them halfway through the trip.  I must say I didn't find the airplain staff or airport staff overly helpful but if you don't expect a whole lot of help you wont be disappointed.  Don't be afraid to ask for something because what seems obvious to you doesnt to them unless you say it! I wasnt able to get the front seats with the bassinet but I booked the very last row so I wouldnt disturb too many people and the kids were able to stand up in their seats to stretch and we were right next to the bathrooms and staff area for extra water etc.  Even though your stuff goes all over the place during the flight, try to keep your carry on bag as tidy as possible to avoid panic searches for items.  Take the kids shoes off when they are seated to help them relax and offer a snack as soon as they sit down to keep them happy.  Other than that keep smiling! Xx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Travelling- With Children!

This is a practical one so I apologise for the lack of pictures! In two days I will be travelling from Ireland to Canada with my three boys ages 3, 22 months and 6 months. 12 hours, 2 flights and a lot of prayers! I like to be organised and this little voyage will put my skills to the test but I think I am ready!
The first thing is to make lists.....lots and lots of lists! I found this fantastic website called Packing List Online that generates a "To Do" list with your specifications as well as what to pack.  I highly recommend it as it has everything you could think of! http://www.packinglistonline.com/index.php
The only thing it wont tell you is what styles to bring so you need to be choosy and practical!

For the journey I have a double buggy so my 3 year old will have to walk but I have a harness to keep him safe and I've also a sling so if my 3 year old gets tired I can carry my 6 month old in the sling and he can ride in the pram.
  1. My carry on bag has 3 ready liquid SMA drinks in case I don't have access to boiled water and I also have the saches to mix when I do have boiled water.
  2.  Nappies, wipes, nappy bags and zip locks to contain anything that might get wet!
  3.  Change of shirts & pants for the two eldest and change of pyjamas for the youngest. I want them to feel comfy and clean so I will change their clothes between flights.
  4. Gravol for children (travel and nausea syrup for children) plasters, and nappy cream
  5. Colouring & sticker books (less messy), small toy cars and my imagination to keep them entertained!
  6. Loads of snacks & water in case you can't access food... kids won't wait when their hungry!
Thank goodness each seat has it's own little tv with children's movies and touch screen games (that should occupy them for at least 20 min!) Ask an attendant for children's earphones, they are the comfy ones that sit on the ears not in them.

Be upbeat and happy even if your seriously stressed out as the kids pick up on your mood and the less patient you are the less they will be!
    Don't worry about the little details of getting here to there, there will always be someone to assist you so just ask.  I'm getting one of those little golf cart things to get me from one flight to the next as with three infants I think I qualify for special needs!

The boys have their own suitcase each.  I paid big bucks for this trip and I intend to use all the luggage I am allowed!  Why should I squash all their stuff together when it leaves extra room for potential purchases if they have their own suitcases?

For the boys I simply pack for each: 4 Pyjamas, 4 trousers, 2 shorts,  6 short sleeve tops, 6 long sleeve tops, 8 pairs of socks & underwear, 1 nice cardie, 1 hoody, 1 light jacket, trainers, sandals and whatever particulars you want to include.  Remember you CAN do laundry on holidays! Whatever else you need can surely be purchased if needed and by having a list all the boys have an equal & balanced amount of clothing.
I've also packed 3 tins of SMA as changing formulas can upset baby's tummy :(
Spare soothers, children's neurophen (you never know),

For me:

Holiday Checklist

Destination: Quebec, Canada
Temperature: Between 18-32 Deg Cel
Duration: 37 days
Pick items that all go together to mix& match
3 trousers x 8 tops + 6 dresses = 30 different looks!
Further possibilities with accessories, cardies/blazer and shoes. (I know skirts allow more choice but I love my dresses! So easy and pretty!)
 Shoes (4 Pairs)
Brown loafers
Strappy tan cage-like heels
Nude flats
Bright purple suede heels
(I'm not sporty in the least so no trainers!)
Outer Wear
Navy blazer (to dress up)
Biscuit coloured boyfriend cardie
Navy boyfriend cardie
Other: Underwear, toiletries, jewellery, belts & scarves

1)Make a list and stick to it!
2) Don't pick items that look the same ie: 3 floral tops
3) Make sure all the items go with everything else to maximise choice.
4) If there is room left in your suitcase after everything on your list has gone in, fight the urge to add more! (Remember you will be shopping!)
5) Don't bring something you never wear.  If you don't wear it here, you won't wear it there!

Will try to take pics of my outfits while I'm there and I apologise I didn't get a chance to give you a visual of what I'm packing.... I'm a bit busy at the moment!

At the very least just remember you passports and Visa bank card.... Passport for travel and everything else can be bought!
Bon Voyage to me! A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx


Thursday, 18 August 2011

What to Wear Today

  I don't know about you but when I get something new I can't wait to wear it! That's the top and skirt I got yesterday in the charity shops.... In fact the whole outfit is from charity shops.  I got the shoes from a charity shop in Christchurch Dublin when I was working for a solicitor.  I used to try to get to as many charity shops during my lunch break in case there was something new or I wanted to go back to get something I spotted, hoping it would still be there!
The perfect office heels!

Just thought I'd show my side lamp.  I clip all my flower brooches on the wire.  I love the soft light surrounded with pretty things :) 
A bientot! - Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What Will I Wear?

My big trip is coming up and and my need for retail therapy is off the scales!  I hit Limerick city centre for some last minute purchases and decided to wear this. I only just got the blazer this morning from The Cancer Society on William St. It's actually a boys age 8 suite blazer but I love the fit! The belt is Penny's , as are the loafers and dress. All together this outfit cost me about €22... I'm happy with that! :) Zara have a dress just like this one for €49.95 (check out the next picture) but this one from Penny's cost me €3 in last years Christmas sales. I love it when something becomes fashionable and I've had it for a while! Like a little victory! :)
I hate my legs! Hopefully the rest of the outfit makes up for it!

Love the colour!

Got this lovely little blue number from a charity shop for €3!
It's originally from Miss Selfridge but it reminds me of
the one Mollie King was spotted wearing from Lavish Alice.
They have lots of nice stuff at reasonable prices, check it out: http://www.lavishalice.com/

I like mine better though! :)

Good golly Miss Mollie!
(Oui, le cheese!)

This gold top (€2.50, SCORE!) is from one of my favourite secondhand shops in Limerick, Mirror on Lower Gerald Griffin St.
Unfortunately it's closing so everything has to go! Check it out while there is still some good stuff to be had! I'm really gonna miss that place! :(

This one from ASOS is €96.15 - Ouch!
In this month's Stellar mag it says it's €38.46 but the website says €96.15, you figure it out.  In any case, too much for me!
And I still prefer mine!

Last but not least, these last two items are from Principals but I got them in secondhand shops. €2 for the blouse and €3 for the cute paper bag waist skirt. 
Seriously, I don't know why people pay so much when they don't have to! I'm slowly getting my holiday outfits ready and trying my best to not bring too much! This weekend will be all about being reasonable and if I manage to do that I'll show you what I'm packing for my 5 week trip to Quebec, that's in Canada in case you were not sure :)

Really stressed out but I'm an organizational freak and as soon as my list of things to do is comlete I know I will relax and enjoy myself!  
A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Vintage Dress Gem!

Managed a little outing with my 6 month old son and of course we took advantage of the situation to pop into our local charity shop and I am delighted we did! Found this lovely gem of a vintage dress.  I could tell the girl working there didn't see the big deal but that only made me all the more happy about it! That's the beauty of charity shops, new stuff all the time so you never know what you will find from one week to the next.. so why take the risk, pop in often!

It doesn't look like much on the hanger but I think it's beautiful!

.....And along with the dress, new Penny's jumper and necklace, I also got these fake cuffs and Peter pan collar that came with the dress! The whole lot for €10 euro!
It's been a good day, a very good day! :)
A la prochaine!  Vievie Xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

What to Wear

I'm sick of this weather! On the positive side, I am enjoying a rather perfect cup of coffee from my Bodum stainless steel plunger.  The most used wedding gift we got! I don't drink loads of coffee, only 2-3 cups at most a day but having it is a must!
Top & belt from Penny's, skirt is a vintage find and I've had it for about 12 years! Shoes from Dunnes

I'm off to Canada in 9 days and I'll be having that "what am I forgetting?" feeling until then.  Travelling on my own with my 3 boys under 4 so I need to be organised within an inch of my life!  Sure Victoria B can do it.... if I had nannies and millions to spare I would travel quite comfortably too!  I am hoping to hit the charity shops tomorrow as the boys are being minded... will see!  I will say, me and those boys will have the best packed wardrobe ever! A la prochaine! xx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

What to Wear

Just a suggestion. They are not the obvious choice but I love high waisted trousers!  They really do give you a waist! These are Savida from Dunnes but I got them in my local charity shop for €1 - Score!  You also find things that are still in the shops sometimes, with tags and all so don't assume it's all old stuff! 
The earrings are from ebay and the gold pendant is from Argos and can hold up to 4 photos.  I always wear it as it has pictures of my husband and 3 boys :) (aaawwww). The bag is a leather clutch from a charity shop... another fab outfit for less!  Would have liked to be wearing my new orange varnish but alas my nails are having none of it as they need a break :(  Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What to Wear Ideas

Bling! Bling! Oui, Bonjour?

My outfits are all over the shop these days! I blame this blaaahh weather! I love the little flower print of this shirt from France. It always cheers me up... I need some happy clothes when the sun is away. It's country cutsie poo so I think chunky bling makes it dressy.  I wear this with red jeans and black block suede heels (same as yesterday's blog). 
The retro telephone was my mom & dads up until recently and since our modern one died we use this one now.  It has such a friendly soft ring tone we haven't bothered to replace it!
These are my current favourite earrings, a presy from my lovely sister-in-law, also from France (the earrings, not my sister in law).  They remind me of 80's Dynasty style, only not so OTT.  They even look like clip-ons!

Last but not least, the latest thing I spotted that I want!
Zara have the perfect high heel shape! These would look great with my wool grey pleated trousers...... as soon as I get them :)

I don't always buy Look magazine but I did get the Aug 15th issue which features an article on Sophie Beresiner (Beauty editor).  I had no clue she had cancer but I did notice she was away the last year so I am happy to hear she is getting better.  I like the bit where they compare beauty products, and I always seem to agree with Sophie.  Looking forward to seeing your lovely crop do! All the best & Welcome Back! You have been missed!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Dublin Treasure Trove!

Besides the great cause, it's a fabulous place for little treasures! George's St, Camden up to Rathgar is one of the best stretches of second-hand/charity shops and this is definitely one of my favourites!  It's spacious and the items are easy to see.  This place is fantastic for vintage blouses, skirts and dresses.  I wear this one I got there all the time!
Just because a place looks a bit ordinary doesn't mean it is! In fact I find these are the kind of places you find the best stuff in because the people there are not looking to be cool, but just provide good quality, clean second-hand stuff.  The imagination part is left up to you so don't dismiss something because it looks grannified! In any case, dressing like granny is really cool if you get it right! If you missed it, check out my blog a few weeks back about the best charity shops in Limerick:http://vievie-georgette.blogspot.com/2011/07/best-charity-second-hand-shops-in.html It also includes tips on how to make the most of charity shopping - or should I say "Chopping"? Did I just invent a word? You saw it here first! He he :) "Smile and make your bum jealous" as my mother in-law would say!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspiration from the Past

I like old movies and magazines for fashion inspiration and old ideas to recycle.  I'm not a big fan of showing aging famous people "Before & Now" images to mock them as it's not very nice.  Age is a cruel thing but sometimes the vanity of youth can be crueler still!  These are a few pictures I thought were great even just to look at as they are really beautiful.

Carrie Fisher looks simply lovely here with her short sleeve knit and city shorts.  This could be now. I like chunky bling but her delicate jewellery here makes it look really pretty.
Nothing like a sincere smile! Carefree hair and hardly any make-up.
Blade Runner is such an iconic movie and I love all the outfits Sean Young wears in it, including her rolled up hair! It's a clean look with no bling which makes it look so sharp!

Barbara has had loads of different styles over the years and I think this one is really cool!  There's a similar turban on ebay at the moment in the outlet part. Am I brave enough? Are you brave enough?

Brook Shields ,like Madonna but not OTT! Big hair is back, remember crimping? We didn't have a crimper so I would braid my hair into 30 little braids and unleash the mane the next day :) You can't beat a great t-shirt!

Remember Nastassia Kinski? A Roman Polanski favourite.  I like an over sized jumper and loose tailored trousers... looks good and looks comfortable too!
Speaking of Polanski, here is the tragic Sharon Tate in a simple crochet dress.  Knitted dresses will be a plenty this autumn and this Bardot like do and cat eyes will go nicely with it!

A bit of discipline please! Wallis Simpson never got it wrong.  Structure and elegance were applied to all outfits in the day and I like outfits that project control and grace like this one. Looking forward to the new Madonna movie coming out about the inseparable Wallis & Edward... if the film flops the outfits will be a sure winner anyway!

Un peut de francais SVP! Lou Doillon, daughter of the fashionable Jane Birkin and sister to equally stylish Charlotte Gainsbourg, has a way of putting things together you wouldn't think go together but it's the ease and self confidence that make this sort of style work.. effortless!

 Gloria Vanderbilt. Her whole family were stylish and interesting... Google them sometime! I think Jasmine Guinness looks like her and definitely draws from her style.  Dainty lace and pearls, these never go out of fashion!

Ali McGraw, a real fashionista of her day.  A combination of sun tan, disco and hippy.  Ever see Love Story?  Fancy balling your eyes out? This girl was photographed all the time so there are loads of good pics on the net to get fashion ideas from.

Nancy Cunard is a bit of a tragic figure (Really interesting life if you can look her up) but her style was most certainly not tragic! This woman was dramatic with her look.  Stacks of bracelets, bold make-up and a mix of feminine and masculine... not everyone can do it but if you proportion your pieces right it definitely makes a statement!

Anyway, hope you liked these as much as me.  Thought it would be nice to see different images than the usual, Madonna, Farrah Fawcette and Debbie Harry (not that they are not stylish, just over-used!)