Monday, 27 February 2012

La La La Limerick!

Another Monday another week but not without a little weekend review :)
Hope you all had a good weekend.  We actually had, uh, what's it called? Oh ya, SUNSHINE, a rare presence these days! A perfect day for running around town, getting things done.  Having left Dublin 4 years ago, you would miss all the things a capital city brings but I really love living in Limerick and it does have some great little treasures to discover. I love that everything is close and walkable in city centre with the perfect mix of shops and cafés. If you haven't been, your missing out!  Limerick isn't one of those obvious cities, it requires a bit of your time and attention to appreciate it's variety but it's charm is undeniable! I intend to blog more about it in the future but for now here's some of the weekend's outfits and finds :)
A newly acquired top from Dunnes Stores (€10) mixed with older favourites. It comes in green and grey but I'm glad I went for the orange as it's not my usual colour choice. New rings and yellow heels from Penny's on the right for €5.

Running around town I spotted these two lovely ladies. Lauren (left) and Hilary, both students at the Limerick College of Art and Design. I love Hilary's all black look with the bright punch of pink and Lauren reminds me a modern Annie Hall with her River Island blazer and lovely glasses. Thanks again for the picture girls! I really must do this more often as it's great to get ideas from others and I really don't think we get to see enough people who are NOT in Dublin. There is great style outside the capital and some of the best are coming out of Limerick so a little variety would be nice to see!

A friend of mine told me she thinks turquoise is the happiest of colours,  I think I have to agree! This lovely vintage skirt is from SVP on Thomas street (€6). I always find something great there. In fact I usually need to limit myself because the more you look around the more you find things! I paired it up with my trusty tweed jacket that I've had for over 10 years now and heels from Aldo.  The ring and earrings are from Penny's a few years back. If your in Limerick check out these second-hand shops for great finds: Best Second-Hand Shops in Limerick
Have a great week!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Online Treats!

I do this most weeks.  Browse at some lovely online treats at bargain prices. This week is mostly about accessories.  The best part of an outfit is often in the small details so here are some unique and fun treats I spotted this week:
Sale soon over but I'm sure this stunner will be relisted so just stick in the item number to find it again.
About €18 with shipping

These transparent brogues are so sweet!
About €32 including shipping.

These look like candy!
I could only find them available in either yellow, green or orange but any of those would look great!
Less than €20 and free shipping :)

These come in four colours but I'm really into yellow at the moment so these are my favourites!
About €25 including shipping :)

Bold statement earrings are set to be big (get it?) and I love these ones!
About €6 and free shipping, what's not to like?

So simple yet so elegant!
Less than €12 including shipping and it will go with just about anything!

€5 for this colourful treat and free shipping!

Last but not least these gorgeous heels!
About €15 including shipping :)

I'm loving all the fun accessories on the catwalks recently and these will definitely give your outfit a little je ne sais quoi! Hope you like them as much as I do!
Have a great weekend tous le monde!

-Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Miss Print

Bonjour everyone! Ever buy something and take ages before you wear it? A while back I popped into H&M, did my usual and went straight for the sales rails and found a lovely pair of printed loose trousers.  I wasn't sure how to wear them at first but once I got going I found loads of different looks so I thought I would share them with you today.

Needless to say I love these trousers!  Not bad for €7! Work, running around town, going out, staying in, hanging out...the possibilities are endless! Well, maybe not endless but there is plenty of choice anyway!  I think the main variable that makes the difference is shoes.  Looking at my own collection I've noticed I definitely tend to stick to neutrals so I'll be looking to widen out a bit in the future and go for bolder styles and colours.  Watch this space!

Bonne Journée! - Vievie

Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend Mode

I hope you had a nice weekend! I'm still in weekend mode, well except for the launderette I'm running in the background.  My most despised of chores!  Clothes can be so needy!

It was a fairly quiet weekend with a few outings, namely a swap party yesterday.  I really enjoy these things as I get to get rid of stuff I'm sick of seeing and pick out new stuff (new to me anyway), and it costs zippo!  There are several ways to do swap parties but my friends and I keep it all very informal and civilised.  No one tackling or pulling hair over wanting the same item or greedy little hoarders taking everything.  We all have a little walk about sipping our drinks, eating our nibbles and chatting away while browsing at all the goodies. Whatever hasn't been taken in the end is given to charity. From ages 14-60, super slim to curvy, tall and short it doesn't matter as with jewellery, shoes, handbags, scarves, and of course clothes, you are sure to find something and if you don't, you at least cleared out what you didn't want and made someone else happy!

Here's what I wore this weekend and what I got!

I wasn't sure how the whole pyjama trousers trend would work but I love these ones I got at the swap ( as well as the hand knit cropped pink top and striped jacket) and they are really easy to dress up or down!
My pictures are little bit like me today, all over the place! Sorry about that... I blame Monday!

-Vievie Xx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Litter Bugs

Litter Bug: A rather cute way of describing a person who thinks the world is their dumping ground.

They are everywhere and come from all walks of life!  The easiest thing would be to target teenagers, there's a reason for that, they are probably the worst offenders BUT they are not alone!  Just the other day I spotted a 40 something woman driving a Volvo, a recent one at that, when she opened her window and tossed out a crumpled bag of some sort on to the country road that leads to my street.  I suddenly turned into a wild woman on a mission as I beeped her, shaking my head in disapproval and giving her the evil eye whilst pointing at the object of her shame! She completely ignored me and drove on.

Lack of shame seems to be a characteristic of the litter bug or perhaps it's disillusion.  If you litter but no one is around to see it, does it matter? YES! What is the thinking process that goes on in these people's heads? None I suppose!  Is the weight of your litter to great to bear that it might cause you some sort of physical harm?  Are you so far away from a bin that you cannot hold on to YOUR litter until the appropriate place to dispose of it has been found?  Here's a news flash, the ground is NOT the appropriate place!

Would you dump your litter on the floor in your house? Or worse, someone else' house? It's disrespectful, dirty and completely unnecessary! 

Oh but I'm not one of those people! Not my fault, not my responsibility! WRONG! 
If you don't like it, show you don't like it and let's all do our part! When you pick up litter you let those around you know you don't tolerate it and they might just do the same.  If someone dumps their litter, kindly point out to them that they have dropped something. 

Am I alone here? Who wants to look at other people's rubbish? There are laws in place for this sort of thing and I have heard of the legend of the litter warden but have yet to see one! However, surely we are capable of doing something because it is the right thing to do and not because we are threatened by some sort of law! Having said that, I do think if they started handing out fines we would see results but in the mean time we can still all do our part to help keep our streets, countrysides, cites, wherever, CLEAN!

Give the earth a hug, don't be a litter bug!

OK, I'm not the best in the old slogan department but you get the idea!

Have a nice, litter-free weekend!

-Vievie Xx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What's The Future Of Paper?

                 A rather sad thought came to mind the other day while listening to a debate on the radio. The topic? Will we still being using paper in 10-20 years?
I never thought the idea would come so soon!  To think that we might not write but only type to communicate or read from a screen instead of off the pages of some sort of paper.  Would it really be so bad? I suppose the words carry the ideas so does it matter where we write or read them?

I love the convenience of all this recent technology but to write something yourself like a diary or a letter means so much more to me because it requires effort and holds a part of me. Your writing style is your own. No one else has it exactly and it displays a part of your personality.  I'm left handed which is surprisingly not so easy to spot when I write on paper because I have learnt to write without dragging my hand over the ink thus avoiding the easiest give-away of a left-hander: smudged writing!  It has a forward slant and I've been told it's quite masculine in style.  I've always preferred black ink to blue and to this day I can't write straight without the help of a lined sheet of paper. I often make spelling mistakes and usually have 2 or 3 copies of a letter written out before I have eliminated all errors, a thing I don't even have to think about when I'm typing as the spell-check does all the work for me.  A great help but I find myself being lazy and always misspelling the same words which I wouldn't do if I wrote them out because I would have given it more thought before I stained my clean white piece of paper with permanent ink.

So whats the problem? Typing can be cold and impersonal.  Albeit faster I wonder what the rush is all about.  Where's the fire?  We always seem to want to do things faster but it doesn't always make it better.  One of the best things you can give someone is your time!  Being able to send messages within seconds, are we sacrifising a bit of depth? The ability to flesh out and communicate ideas and emotions instead of one-liners?  I'm sure if people wrote more, their conversation skills would no doubt improve too but that's a different sudject perhaps for another day.

My husband said I should email and put my pictures up on a site for my Grandmother to check them out whenever she wanted but I want my Nana to have something to hold, take with her, hang up and know that I took some time in putting a letter and pictures together just for her because it means something to me, she means something to me and all this technology is very far removed from her.
It's not just because she is elderly, I enjoy making the effort for anyone I care about.  Who doesn't like to receive a hand written letter? My husband and I wrote letters to each other when we were dating and we wrote emails too.  I kept all the letters and printed out all my favourite emails but I much prefer the letters!

People can't even be bothered to write their own cards anymore!  I always get blank cards because the pre written ones feel cheap. As if I couldn't even be bothered to come up with my own words.  Who cares if your words don't sound as eloquent as the card's? The point is the effort isn't it?  If you don't write it yourself it may as well come from anyone and nobody!

To write by it's very definition is to form words on a surface such as paper using a pencil or a pen.  A definition which is being practiced literally less and less.  I wonder if my own children will write me letters when they grow up if they are ever far away.  Writing seems to have become somewhat of a novelty.  On holiday we email family and friends but for fun we write postcards.  Some online magazines are now going to print because apparently people love the retroness of the printed word.  I didn't realise it's was so passé that it now has a 'vintage' charm!

One of my favourite things is getting the Sunday Times every weekend.  My husband and I spend the afternoon lazily immersed in the various sections while the kids play with their toys.  The pleasure of it doesn't just come from the words themselves but the lovely rustle and crinkling sounds of the paper.  The folding of it's pages and it's texture between your fingers.  Personal because you have your very own copy but shared because whoever has a copy is reading the same words that you are, somehow connecting you.  It's not the same reading off a screen.  Even when you have downloaded something that you've payed for, there is something about holding an item in your hands that gives you that feeling of complete ownership.  Behind that plasma, glass, plastic whatever that screen is made of, it's always a little distant.  I love how a book shows off it's well read pages with swollen edges, dog-eared corners and bent spine.  The satisfaction of seeing the thicker side of the book slowly shifting from my right hand to the left and a slight sadness when I arrive at the last few pages.  All nearly subconscious thoughts and instinctive actions that enrich the whole reading experience.  Not quite the same with a click on a screen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on some sort of crusade against technology.  Mankind has survived moving on from scrolls, quills, fountain pens and even the typewriter so this too shall pass but I hope it never dies completely.  The power of communication through words goes on, if anything it reaches more people than ever and yet I can't help but think a beautiful skill, an art, is being quietly set aside.  Will we still be using paper in 10-20 years? I hope so. I know I will.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Budget Friendly Finds on eBay

I don't know where to look anymore with all the latest & greatest raining off the runways but in any case it's not like any of it will be heading my way any time soon.... I seem to have misplaced my millions!
In the meantime a few little treats have popped up on my radar so I thought I would share them with you.
Really like this little top... dressed up or down it will look great! 
About €20 including shipping

I can't make up my mind which ones I like best!  The blue maybe?
About €22 including shipping.
Perfect for summer pastels!

I love all the scarf prints out at the moment and this skirt is so versatile!
A maxi that won't make you look frumpy!
On sale from the House of Fraser outlet on eBay
About €33 euros including shipping.

Pretty as a peach A Wear chiffon blouse.
About €16 including shipping

Feeling brave?
Funky silk scarf print bomber jacket.
It comes in three colours, this one, gold and red.
About €33 including shipping.

Love the colours and shape of this bag!
It comes in a few different colours so check them out:
About €24 including shipping.
Ladies lace peter pan playsuit.
It comes in three colours but hurry as this one ends in 4 days.  If it's over by the time you check this blog just type in the first line in the search and it will come up if they have re-listed it.
About €24 including shipping.

Well there you have it!  My favourite budget friendly finds on eBay recently and since I'm always checking now and again I'm sure to have more for you soon enough!
Hope you like these!

Enjoy! Vievie Xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fashion Week - Fashion Weak

It's such a huge deal! the next month half will be a frenzy of reports on fashion week. That is fashion weeks.  New York, Paris, London and Milan.... the mother ships of the fashion world.  Funny thing is while I love fashion I'm really not bothered about the frenzy.  You'd forget it was about fashion and think they had found a cure for some horrible disease the way they pump out minute by minute reports!

Keep up for goodness sake! Here is a picture of me at a fashion show to let you know I'm in the know and be the first to let you know what you should know! 

Queue Instagram for latest micro trend.

Observation: I love looking at all the different styles but no one ever says what they really think... well most anyway.  Doesn't seem to matter what appears as it's all 'fabulous' and 'beautiful'.  Rubbish! Give credit where credit is due but for goodness sake don't lie!

We've become afraid to dislike something because, heaven forbid, someone accuses us of 'not getting it'!

The Emperor's New Clothes, any read it? Great story.

Fashion muses are put on high to be admired for their amazing dress sense and when we get sick of them we can't get rid of them and are forced to see different versions of the same style recycled week after week in the glossies. 

Fashionista's complain about being exhausted from all the fashion week running around and parties they need to attend.. The poor things!  We are kept informed about the most useless details like little carrots to keep us hooked.

Queue Instagram of half eaten sandwich consumed while waiting for their flight to attend the next fashion show.  WHO CARES!

I'm not saying we should slate designers and badmouth people.  I don't like those who tare down either, it's not necessary, but there are ways of expressing ourselves without blowing things out of proportion and consulting a thesaurus to find new and interesting ways of using the word 'fantastic'.   

It's the whole race of it all I can't be bothered with. I'm looking forward to March when the dust will have settled a bit.  The ones reporting on fashion week will have slept and found time to process what they have witnessed as opposed to pumping out comments for the sake of being noticed and I can get a coffee without having missed 67 tweets in the space of 5 minutes!

Just you wait.  It's only when all the madness has passed that what people really think will start being printed and we can stop pretending that everything that came forth from fashion week was fabulous!

Who is with me? Hello? Is this thing on?
Queue tumbleweed Instagram.

If you have anything to do with fashion week I really hope you enjoy yourself and not stress yourself out into an early grave.  I for my part will continue to blog at my leisure and for my pleasure which is what fashion is about for me.

'Til next time - Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What is the Modern Woman?

What comes to mind when you think of the modern woman? Is she the opposite of the traditional one? What makes her modern?
I was thinking about this the other day while reading a magazine using this expression.  Never ending tips and advice on keeping up to speed with the latest and greatest for women are a plenty out there.  Everything from your look to your viewpoint and lifestyle are subject to change and trends.   I suppose some of it depends on how you feel about the idea of modern.  It conjures up the idea of up-to-date, new and perhaps therefor; good or better.

The modern woman has made a step up in the world which means she is supposed to be in a better situation than before. What on earth does that mean?
Who is the modern woman?  Is she the one with a successful career? Marriage? Is she the woman who has it all, marriage, family and career?  Is she the woman who does whatever she wants?

Truth be told I would be hard put to find an exact definition because it is a constantly changing one.
The more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion that it's a pretty silly concept altogether!
I like the idea of modern in the way it implies intelligence and strength but then part of me feels modern moves ahead so quickly it can't help but drop things along the way.  By things I mean tradition and old fashioned values.  The expression 'old-fashioned' has a slightly negative tone about it.  Even when it comes to style we use words like retro, vintage and classic but not old-fashioned, no, no, no, old is bad, new is good!

'The modern woman' may at first sound empowering and ahead of the game, or at least keeping up with it but does that necessarily make her better? Or the old-fashioned one inferior? I don't think so.  I have tremendous admiration for the likes of my mom and grandmother who posses skills and experience I can only dream of acquiring! Abilities now considered trivial but goodness knows we pay other people do them because we can't!

In a way we progress to gain something but have to sacrifice something else in return and what we perceive as essential changes constantly.
Today's modern woman is not the same as she was even 4 years ago. Back when the economy was good we couldn't get enough of expressions like 'domestic godess' and 'yummy mummy'. We don't see those expressions anymore.  Now when I tell people I'm a stay-at-home-mom it usually brings about a change of conversation.  It's not really the rigueur to be a housewife at the moment. As if it means my days are filled with leisure and pleasure. As if I have shelved that part of my brain the requires challenge and achievement.

On the other hand the career woman doesn't have it easy either.  Must she put work ahead of all else?  Is she foolish for wanting marriage and children? Must she always prove herself?  Is she successful?
What defines successful?

Today's modern woman is accomplished and to be accomplished at the moment means having a career.  What if I told you my family is my career? Would that make me modern?  Accomplished really means having skill, social grace and being effective in realising your goals.  Surely that can be done on both sides of the field? 

Perhaps the concept of the modern woman is just that, a concept.  She cannot be entirely defined because she doesn't really exist.  The modern woman has it all but in reality we know that while it may be possible to have it all, all is not equally cared for and something is bound to be neglected.  Would it not be better for the modern woman to be about intelligence, strength, respect and goodness in qualities, virtues, skills and values in whatever situation she finds herself in?

  The silly thing is that I think women are the hardest on themselves and other women.  While we strive to better ourselves, we may forget that better doesn't means just one thing. Forget the modern woman, I can't keep up and quite frankly I'm not sure I want to keep up!

What say  you?

Brought to you by someone like you, just trying to better herself. -Vievie Xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

She Shops, She Scores!

I had the rare treat of going into town on my own this morning and boy did I make the most of it!

Liking the hair plaits up-do.  Lovely alternative to the classic bun.  Think it looks best on blondes but I still pull it off. Yes? No?
I hit my favourite charity shops in Limerick, namely Animal Welfare and SVP.  If you haven't been, you are really missing out!
Here are the little treasures I found today:

Acid yellow belt, perfect for my pretty pastels!

Very basic knit top but brand new and this will go with everything!

Soft coloured bead necklaces... they look like candy!

Normally I would stay well clear of this colour but I had to have it! It's a lovely chalky purple pink!  Great quality light wool and it's vintage. Although it's a bit big. I'll just take it in to make my perfect summer pencil skirt!

Irish made all leather bag.  there were loads of real leather bags in both these charity shops in mint condition so if your anywhere near, definitely check them out! SVP & Animal Welfare.
Check out a previous post on the best charity shops in Limerick:

Giovanna slingback heels.  Would you believe they are my first pair of slingbacks? Don't know why but I'm glad I'm over that little hick-up! Brand new with original price tag of €80... got them for €10!

Penny's cream and gold jumper. You can't really see them in the picture but there are lovely gold threads through it that give it a little sparkle. When I buy Penny's in a charity shop it has to be new with tags and cheaper than the original price, otherwise I would have got in it Penney's in the first place!

100% Silk shirt dress.  I've wanted one of these for ages and I've finally found one that is just above the knees so it actually looks like a dress and not just a shirt!

Last but not least, this little light blue cardigan for my 2 year old son.

Would you believe I got all this stuff for €25? Well I did!
Definitely a good day! It's such a great feeling to find great stuff at fantastic prices! I really don't believe good quality goods have to be expensive and in this throw-away society I'm happy to be doing my bit for recycling!
If you know any great second hand shops, let me know and if it's not usually your thing, give it a try!

-Vievie Xx