Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shoe Be Do Be Do

I'm going bananas for shoes recently.  I say recently as I'm usually the sort who occasionally buys shoes and wears them to death but nothing seems to change an outfit as dramatically as shoes and it's all I can notice these days!  Personally I'm not one to get too wild about my style of shoes mainly because I have a few basic rules that must be followed. There are always a few exceptions but for the most part this is what goes through my head before I buy shoes:

1: I must actually like them, I refuse to follow a trend just because something is all the rage!
2: I must be able to walk in them.  I don't want to be part of the Lovely Wobblies, those ladies with their beautiful shoes that walk like their looking for a loo!
3: I can't have spent so much on them that I'm afraid to wear them - Pointless!
4: No pain! Life throws enough pain at you without you having to go looking for it!
5: Nothing that resemble what a small child or a clown would wear.
I think that's reasonable.

Keeping these little rules in mind I've come up with a sweet little collection of finds to share with you.

The perfect little heel/bootie
Only about €22 & free delivery :)

Somewhere over the rainbow :)
Only about €23 including shipping

Colour block, block heels
These come in a few colour combos
About €34 including shipping
Transparent & leather brogues
These will set you back by about €147 but some things are worth the extra non?
A different take on the silver tip
These come in 3 colours
About €50 including shipping
 Block heel with ankle strap
Available in 4 colours
About €29 including shipping
Classic pointy heel
I've had a pair like these for about 10 years and I still wear them!
Also available in red and grey.
About €50 including shipping.
These look so cute and comfy!
About €42 & free shipping
A little flower power!
These also come in black
About €34 including shipping
To go with anything heel
Also available in red or pink
Only about €25 including shipping
These lovelies mean business!
About €37 including shipping
Also available in black & silver
Slip into something more comfortable!
These are also available in loads of colours
About €24 & free shipping to most places

Flash Gordon approaching! :)
Also in black
Only about €24 including shipping
These are the perfect mix of everything for me!
Also available in nude
About €34 including shipping
Sport luxe wedge heels
Also available in orange
About €30 including shipping
Simply stunning strap heel
Available in a few colours
About €45 including shipping
Flowery slip on wedge sandal
Available in 3 colours
About €30 including shipping
And after all those, give me these please!
About €15 including shipping

Finding them was easy enough but choosing one won't be so easy! Which ones would you go for?
Let me know what you think :)
Hope you saw something you liked!

A la prochaine!
-Vievie Xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Minimal List

Less is more and all that.  The likes of Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim and Jill Sander understand the beauty of simplicity.  Effortless chic, understated, subtle etc etc.  The great thing about a minimalist look is that it's comfortable, clean and fuss free.  Not just when it comes to the actual outfit because there is no point in dressing like a minimalist if your going to slap on layers of make-up and a hairstyle that says 'ya, I got up early to do this and it took me hours'! Minimalist is a head-to-toe affair if it's to be executed correctly. Ballerina up do's, classic pony tail, the wet look or natural is what I think suits this look best along with a fresh clean face with maybe just a touch of mascara, soft blush or lipstick.  To keep it from looking bland the trick is a fabulous pair of shoes and maybe one bright accessory.  It's actually harder than it sounds, being simple that is. I like to pile layers of jewels, prints and textures to the point where I feel strange if I leave the house without a necklace or earrings.  Sometimes holding back is the tough part. Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny and Sophia Coppola are some great examples of how to get this look right.
Here's a few ideas on how to get the minimalist look and some lovely pieces I recently found that work well with it.

Shirt dress with pocket.
It comes in loads of colours but the cut differs slightly so look closely when you pick one.
Boots, necklace and your good to go.
About €17 & free shipping

Collar necklace
About €13 & free shipping

Wool blend cape jacket
About €25 & free shipping

Metal tip heels
These come in black, white & this light pink
About €46 & free shipping

Basic long sleeve top with pocket
It comes in loads of colours.
Never underestimate the basics. Really like this one.
about €14 & free shipping
White pencil skirt.
About €34 including shipping

Envelope clutch.
What I like about these is they look like they can actually hold stuff!
About €16 & free shipping
Soft tailored jumpsuit
About €24 & free shipping
Open toe wedge
Available in a few different colours
About €40 & free shipping
Wool & faux leather sleeved fitted jacket
It comes in black or grey & black
About €66 Including shipping
These are everywhere at the moment but not at this price! :)

Beautiful chiffon double layer loose blouse
I've seen a few of these on eBay but this little shop is the only one that has it in 6 colours!
About €20 including shipping
Think the Navy is my favourite
Check them all out:
Galaxy print t-shirt
About €25 including shipping.
I also liked the naff cat print one this shop has as well
Gold tone metal cuff
About €8 & free shipping
Wear one around your wrist or two around your ankles.
Faux leather crop top
About €34 including shipping
Gorgeous sequin bag
About €40 including shipping

It's getting harder and harder to limit the final lists but for now, this is my minimal list of great finds on eBay.  Tip: if you add something to your watch list and the sale comes to an end, don't delete it from your list. If the item is re listed it will renew itself on your watch list and you can buy it without having to do the whole search part of it.  I love the minimalist look and as soon as I get a new camera (any week now!) I intend to post my own version.  Whether your into this look or not I hope you still spotted something you liked.
Have a great week!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Aujourdhui Chez Vievie

J'espere que vous avez eu un bon weekend! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Mine, well.... sometimes things don't go as planned. I still don't have a camera bar the one on my phone but I thought I would still share my latest purchases with you.  If you've been here before you know I am mad about second-hand/charity shops so these won't come as a surprise.  Neither will my eBay purchases!

Shopping is as close to sports as I get and when you get a new pair of heels with an original price tag of €125 and you only pay €15, that's what I call a serious SCORE!
Merci Oxfam for my beautiful Precis heels! As the lovely little old lady in the shop said "You couldn't find heels in this colour if you were looking for them!"
Well, now I won't have to look for the heels, just the right occasion to wear them :)

Bad picture I know! Just think of it as a dream like vision. It's a shame I couldn't get a better picture as this navy blue silk dress (€6) is simply lovely.  Never mind the LBD, it's the LNBD for me this summer!

A sneak peek of a photo size of my studded clutch bag. It was Penny's clutch and as a rule I don't buy second-hand Penny's as it's cheap enough as it is but this bran new little clutch was €1 and untouched so at times exceptions to the rules must be made!

At my local charity shop I found this fantastic leather skirt from Oasis. Only €4! SCORE! It's so soft and buttery, I can't wait to find the right occasion for it!  I'd spotted a few leather skirts recently but all were too short. Leather can look tough or cheap and at 31 years of age with three kids, a leather mini skirt is definitely veering towards cheap! This pencil knee length is edgy but classy and will last forever!  Finding what you want in a charity shop can be a waiting game but if your patient and check your local shops regularly your bound to get it eventually and the feeling is all the better for the wait!

I've featured these before in one of my previous post:Baby Boutique but I actually bought them. Six pairs to be exact (two for each of my boys).  They come in loads of colours and are so soft and light! I just got mine in the post yesterday and can't wait for the warmer weather.  At about €3 a pair & 100 Indian cotton, you can't go wrong! Check them out:

I love old fashioned looking clothes for kids.  I dress my boys as close to a modern little Lord Fauntleroy as I can get away with! Found these gorgeous leather sandals for less than €20 including shipping!  My 2 year old loves them and wore them around the house all day yesterday! They come in a few different styles and colours: 

Last but not least I treated myself to Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods. A recording of the live production starring a brilliant cast. I first saw it as school on one of those afternoons when your teacher has had enough and can't be bothered to teach anything so she 'treats' you to a Friday afternoon movie instead.  Well it really was a treat and I've loved it ever since.  I saw the real show in Toronto and blab on about it to anyone who likes musicals.  If your ever in New York, treat yourself to it if it's on. You will not be disappointed! It's a tough one to get on a Region 2 DVD but I finally found it, for a price on . The kids are gonna love this!

Passer une bonne Journée! Have a nice day :)
Vievie Xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Carte Blanche

With all the print clashing, colour blocking and pastels it's nice to cleanse the palette in between with pure, simple, brilliant white.  Wearing black head to toe is easy but white requires a bit more skill and thought.  It was all over the catwalks this year and last but seems relatively discreet compared to all the other louder trends.  The perfect shade of minimalist requires little fuss and bling so don't over accessorise.  The idea is one of purity and will look great on our no-doubt-soon-to-be sun kissed skin.
Layer it in different tones or wear it pure and simple, it's sophisticated, clean and fresh. Here are a few examples of how to wear it and little finds I spotted in the past week or so.

Asymmetrical dress.
It comes in several colours but obviously I've got a theme so lets go with this one :)
About €32 including shipping.

Sport these for a fit look (get it? Sport, fit? Cheese!)
The sizes are listed separately but just email them the size you want or check out their online shop.
About €34 including shipping

Warm furry vest
About €40 including shipping

Metal collar tip shirt
About €14 and free shipping :)

Grey and white brogues
I think these look really smart!
About €40 including shipping

Smart wide leg trousers.
Pure sophistication, think Bianca Jagger :)
About €42 including shipping

Pretty little lace playsuit
About €32 including shipping

Cover up with a classic trench
Every girl should have one!
About €34 and free shipping :)

Long chiffon skirt
About €20 including shipping.

Black & white furry coat
Love, love, love this one!
About €37 & free shipping :)

Pleated chiffon dress
It comes in other colours as well.
About €32 including shipping

Frosty white chunky chain necklace
About €10 including shipping

Being about as sporty as slug I wouldn't normally spot trainers but there is something about these ones,
so I just had to include them!
About €36 including shipping

I must have really got into this theme as I still have loads of other items but this post is
getting ridiculously long as it is so I'll keep them for
another time!

Hope you spotted something you liked or at the very least gave you some
ideas on how to wear this lovely trend.

-Vievie Xx