Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M Review

As Versace hits H&M this month I'm left wondering if the hype will be worth it.  Versace fans are an exclusive club to begin with.  Prints and cuts are not for the shy, or discreet! This is definitely a collection for the young but at 30 I think I can still pluck some respectable pieces.  I've picked out a few that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on because personally, Versace does not really capture much of my personality but some of the pieces are most certainly unique, workable and fun, even for a mum of 3! Be warned, the Versace collection will not reach far beyond Dublin (as usual) so don't be suprised if your local H&M doesn't have a hint of it!
This will definitely last! With a blouse or on it's own, you will definitely see this one around so wear it in your own unique way!

Small touch, big effect!

If your braver go for the skirt! It's a bold choice but it can easily make your neutrals unforgettable! - Really like this one!

Lovely triangle cap corner detail on every pleat, subtle but effective!

love the original shape of these and a bright cocktail ring looks great with anything!

These ones on the left are Versace and the ones below are from River Island.  Both bright jeans with funky prints and yet I think the ones from River Island are better looking.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good palm tree print as much as the next girl but somehow it just doesn't seem to fit my Irish surroundings.  Personal choice really but if you can pull these off you deserve whatever attention you get!

Will it be mayhem at H&M  for Versace?  Not sure it will be as big a rush as Carl Lagerfeld's 2004 collection for H&M but all the best if you'll be in the queue! Vievie Xx

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