Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Cafés in Limerick

In Montreal there is a café on almost every block (sigh)! Unfortunately not the case in Limerick.  Having been here for a while, the following have become my favourite cafés (so far) in Limerick and I've added a  little note as to why.  If your a real café lover you know there is a different café for every occasion!

(there are now 4 of them in the City, so you are well served!)

8/10 for this place.  The food is splendid especially if you love your french onion soup!  The salad/ sandwich bar is full of gorgeous fresh ingredients and the portions are generous (great options for vegetarians!).  The coffee is great and the decor is french imitation cool.  They play french music which always makes me feel nice and although I have yet to meet a french person there, the french café charm is definitely in the air.  There is one on Robert Street close to the Milk Market which is handy and you can sit outside ( it can be a bit cramped inside) but personally I prefer the one on O'Connell Street as it's a little more spacious and quite.

Catherine St Limerick

8/10 for this place.  It's simply lovely and clean.  The decor is warm and stylish. The food is nice with some vegetarian options but the best thing about this place is it caters to the yummy mummy and her pram!  There is a mothers & babies toilette with changing table which is very very handy.  The prices are reasonable and the quality of the food is very good.  My only complaint is that it is often too full!  They have a little waiting area but as a rule, I don't wait for a seat in a café, it's not a 5 star restaurant, and I don't like feeling rushed when I do get to sit down so this is one for off peak times only for me :)

13 Catherine Street (across from Sage Café)

7/10 When Sage's is too full, head over to French's.  The decor (bar the big windows that flood the place in light) is a bit of a let down but the food is most certainly not!  If you want eggs to perfection, real french crepe and strong coffee, this is the place for you!  I love the eclectic mix of people who come here.  Business people, families, students, all feel welcome by the lovely staff.  The prices are great and the atmosphere has a real charm.  If your not a snob about your cafés, French's is the kind of place you can hang around for hours without being made to feel like your over staying your welcome!  It's also right across the street from a stationary shop so you can sip your coffee then head over for your never ending stationary needs!

Rutland Street

8/10 for this place.  If you have visitors it's a must see in itself.  Sunday's are free and Monday's are 2 for 1 for the entry fee, or you can just go there for the café.  It has loads of room and the views on the river are beautiful! The food is lovely, especially the pastries and the prices are very reasonable! It's nice and quiet if you want to do a bit of reading and I love the little gift shop too!

Olio & Farina (O&F)
Little Catherine Street

I give this place a 9/10 for decor, charm, coffee and food! This little Italian gem will not disappoint!  The prices are a bit higher then elsewhere but the quality of the food is amazing!  Traditional Italian dishes and loads of goodies to take away!  If your looking to impress or really treat yourself, this is the place! A friend of mine works there and really loves it.  I always think that if the staff are happy it must be a good place to go! Check out the website:

Henry Street

8/10 - One thing I don't like about Limerick is that you can't get a café opened after 6!  We don't all want to go to the pub you know!  This place is beautiful!  Go straight for the second floor where you will find plenty of space and maybe even someone playing the piano.  The decor is lovely and it's always nice and warm (I hate eating or sipping coffee in a freezing place!).  This is my place of choice for a nice relaxing late night coffee alone, or with friends.  Sometimes it's nice to go out just for a little desert and coffee!

I may need to add to this list as I am forever looking for new places to discover and when I do, I'll be sure to let you in on them!  Hope this list is helpful!
Bon Café! - Vievie :)


  1. We need to find you a 10/10 coffee house :). Crèma still holds a special novelty place in my heart. Here we have Betty's tearooms, found in York or Harrogate. Had a hot chocolate that should be renamed as pure liquid chocolate gold as it was divine! And the fat rascal (fruit scone) A-MA-ZING

    The French Canadian must visit the Yorkshire Rose & sample such gems ;-)

  2. Reading your blog makes me long for Ireland x