Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Budget Friendly Finds on eBay

I don't know where to look anymore with all the latest & greatest raining off the runways but in any case it's not like any of it will be heading my way any time soon.... I seem to have misplaced my millions!
In the meantime a few little treats have popped up on my radar so I thought I would share them with you.
Really like this little top... dressed up or down it will look great! 
About €20 including shipping

I can't make up my mind which ones I like best!  The blue maybe?
About €22 including shipping.
Perfect for summer pastels!

I love all the scarf prints out at the moment and this skirt is so versatile!
A maxi that won't make you look frumpy!
On sale from the House of Fraser outlet on eBay
About €33 euros including shipping.

Pretty as a peach A Wear chiffon blouse.
About €16 including shipping

Feeling brave?
Funky silk scarf print bomber jacket.
It comes in three colours, this one, gold and red.
About €33 including shipping.

Love the colours and shape of this bag!
It comes in a few different colours so check them out:
About €24 including shipping.
Ladies lace peter pan playsuit.
It comes in three colours but hurry as this one ends in 4 days.  If it's over by the time you check this blog just type in the first line in the search and it will come up if they have re-listed it.
About €24 including shipping.

Well there you have it!  My favourite budget friendly finds on eBay recently and since I'm always checking now and again I'm sure to have more for you soon enough!
Hope you like these!

Enjoy! Vievie Xx

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