Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Trash the Wedding Dress

I've been married almost 6 years now and I haven't worn my wedding dress since for two main reasons 1- There is no event other than your own wedding where it's socially acceptable to wear a wedding dress. 2 - There are small hints of slight wear and tear from dancing into the early hours of the morning which take away from an otherwise perfectly fabulous dress.  Up until recently I thought I might never get an excuse to wear it again until.....
A photographer friend of mine, Jet Stokes, suggested I Trash The Dress.  If your not familiar with the concept let me explain.  Trash the Dress is when you put on your wedding dress, get all done up again and take some extra fun pictures, the kind of pictures you didn't have time for or were too afraid to dirty the dress the first time around.  I got to relive a bit of that special feeling of wearing my dress, the way only a wedding dress can make you feel, and take pictures that are more unique and a little more daring because lets face it, what else are you gonna do with your dress after your special day?

Jet Stokes is a Limerick based photographer with a more natural approach to classic pictures.  Portraits, weddings, special events, and of course Trash the Dress, he does it all with his own unique style.  I wanted pictures that would continue the theme of my wedding and something completely different for a bit of fun so we went to the little woods by the river in Castleconnell where I got married all those years ago (OK it's not that long ago but it wasn't yesterday!) He are some of the beautiful pictures Jet took:

Feeling like a princess, even in my wellies!

Sitting pretty
At first I was a little nervous as I feel a bit funny about having my picture taken but Jet is great at making you feel at ease and confident, giving a bit of direction while letting your personality shine through in the pictures.  He is a perfect gentleman with  skill and a sense of humour to make the whole experience fun and special, which is what it's all about!

After dancing around the woods of Castleconnell we moved up the road a bit where a farmer kindly let us use his bog for some messy takes -

I had a blast getting these pictures done!  Kinda like being a model for a few hours, being silly and capturing the magic of wearing that dress again only this time, who cares if it gets a little dirty!  And it really did get dirty and soaked but after hosing it down, two bath soakings and 3 washes you can't even tell where it's been, only now it's all wrapped up, back in it's beautiful box with even more happy memories attached to it.
If you still have your wedding dress tucked away somewhere I would highly recommend you get it out and Trash the Dress!  It's a great way to get a little more magic out of it and create new moments to add to the old ones!  Jet Stokes knows loads of gorgeous locations to use for your pictures.  The beach, forest, city centre, on a bike or in a bog you pick what you want.  Along with his skills and ideas  you can really feel comfortable being creative and get beautiful, unique pictures.

Check out Jets work and full spec of services on his website:
and facebook:

Beautiful work at very reasonable prices!

I couldn't be happier to get an excuse to where my dress again and Trash the Dress was definitely a great experience!  I'm delighted with my pictures especially since I didn't get a chance to take many great ones of my dress on my wedding day and these are really different to anything I have or will ever get. 

A perfect little gift pour moi!
A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx

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  1. do you still have the trashed dress around?