Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Cool - Get It?

OK, I know I'm cheesy! With all the different winter styles available I had every intention to go bright and bold but deep down I'm a neutral girl.  I love classic colours and any wild changes are kept to accessories and the odd outburst.  In the end these are the items I chose for my winter staples:

How cute is that?

The coat is F&F (Tesco) and the faux fur and boots are ebay finds that are due to arrive any day now!
The whole look won't be loud but there will be plenty of options to mix and match with bright colours or tone on tone to go with any mood I'm in!
Thought these looks were pretty cool too if your looking for a bit of inspiration:
Love the parka!

Really like this look!

What can I say, I'm drawn to grey! (Notice the rhyme?)
I hate the cold but there is no reason to not like dressing up for it!
A la prochaine! Vievie xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Marni for H&M - Spring Is In The Air!

Autumn/Winter is my favourite fashion season but I'm actually wishing it away at the news of H&M's latest collaboration with Marni for it's spring collection 2012.  Still tingling from Versace we now count down to March when we can get our hands on more Italian fashion power with Marni!

What to expect? Designer Consuelo Castiglioni has a gift for bold, sophisticated prints and patterns with timeless clean cuts. She describes this collection as " a mix of modern tribal and Bauhaus graphic".  This collaboration seems to capture that smart quirky cool style that will surely have something to please everyone!

Here are a few sneak pics:

I can already feel a Roman holiday coming on! Along with the beautiful pieces, the accessories are just as fabulous and unique!
Mark your calender girls! Start of March will be a marathon of fashion for Marni! I'll try and keep you posted with any more little sneak peeks if I can but in the meantime it's all about patience, not one of my better qualities! - Vievie Xx

P.S - As per usual, aim to be in Dublin to get your hands on it as I doubt much of it will spill outside the capital!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Gold - The New Neutral!

Forever linked with luxury, gold is back!  This season, and I suspect the next two, it will definitely be part of the must have colour palette!  Not just in jewellery but tops, trousers, shoes, bags. The great thing about gold is you can wear it like a neutral.  A gorgeous rich, deep neutral!  Tread carefully though!  Gold comes in many hues and some say understated luxury while others say cheap bling! There is plenty of gold to be found in the shops at the moment so take your pick, big or small, it will blend beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe!  These are some of my favourite picks from here and there:

Gold jeans from Zara, about €40, Great for day or night!

For a cheaper option, try these tights from asos - about €12.

A nice gold jumper dresses up any simple look. The one above is from ebay: , About €8.  The one on the right is from New Look for about €35.
If your not into too much gold you can give a nod to the trend with smaller accents like these:
Gold collar from asos for about €22. ( I think Penny's are doing similar ones for less.)
Gorgeous belt that will look great regardless of trend! Asos, about €25.
If your feeling brave, make a statement with these really cool boots:

I love the texture of these and you don't need much else to make a great look! About €70 (free shipping) from ebay: Boots

For the least expensive option try gold nail varnish, it goes with everything!

Nearly every brand had it's own version of gold.  I really like this one from No17 as it's a deeper, almost bronze shade and about €5... can't go wrong with that!

Sing along! - Golden years, Clap! Clap! Golden years!, OK that's enough... Bonne journee! -Vievie


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What I Wore Today

Sporting my favourite "goes over everything" faux fur vest from Penny's and off to do some shopping with my boys!

Still looking for the perfect wedge boot but these are good too.  This is perfect for being in or out of shops!

Really like this rich tapestry-like print on my jumper. The one from asos is cute too and down to €60. Mine is original vintage and at €3, I'm even more delighted with it! 
Well, that's what I'm wearing today. Have a good one! Vievie

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Great Fashion Finds on Ebay!

This season there are loads of "must have" pieces and if your on a budget, like me, you will need to be choosy about what you get.  I recently found a few things on ebay which are bang on trend and much better value than in the shops.  What's even better, they come to you at your door!  Who does't like getting little gifts in the post? Check these out before you fork out your cash!

How fab are these?
Style magazine featured party wedges and these look just like one of the pairs but a fraction of the price!  Check them out : gold wedge

The perfect party skirt! You won't find this easily under 25€! Fashion editor Natalie Hartley was sporting a few looks for a similar gold skirt in the latest InStyle mag.

Lovely vintage looking blouse!  Over jeans or black/leather leggings, it's chic and comfortable... two of my favourite qualities in a top! It's less than €10 and the shipping is free! Like! Like! Like!     Check it out:

I can't get enough of blouses these days and this one is so versatile!
It comes in black and a lovely light pink as well.  Again, less than €10 including the shipping!

For going out, for shopping, for work, this top does every occasion and don't we all love a multi-tasker! Less than €15! Coast do one exactly the same at asos for about €100 if you prefer! No thanks!

It's a bit more work but there are definitely some great bargains to be had on ebay! I would love to know some of your finds! Happy shopping! A la prochaine! Vievie Xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Week in Fashion Pics

It was Chicken pox all around for my boys last week so fashion wasn't exactly at the forefront of my mind but this week was much better.  We actually managed a few outings and I concocted some new outfits... Didn't buy anything but tried new combinations of stuff I already have.  Think these were among my better moments:

Skirts and dresses can be so comfy!  All this stuff is from Penny's bar the shoes. Note: I don't look so miserable... need to smile more in pictures!

Really like this dress from H&M for €5! It's a bit too long so I've tucked the front bit under my belt for a different effect (and so I don't kill myself going up and down the stairs!).  Happy to keep using my summer maxi dresses through winter!

Got these trousers from Penny's over a year ago and am only starting to wear them.  Love the length!  This is my minimalistic look... no fuss today please!

Got a lovely little kimono style top while in Canada and wrapped it over a cardie so I can keep wearing it even in the cold! Perfect for running around the shops!

It's tough stuff coming up with different outfits to go with blaaaaa weather all the time but I get a kick out of trying! Bonne fin de semaine! (have a nice weekend!) -Vievie Xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M Review

As Versace hits H&M this month I'm left wondering if the hype will be worth it.  Versace fans are an exclusive club to begin with.  Prints and cuts are not for the shy, or discreet! This is definitely a collection for the young but at 30 I think I can still pluck some respectable pieces.  I've picked out a few that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on because personally, Versace does not really capture much of my personality but some of the pieces are most certainly unique, workable and fun, even for a mum of 3! Be warned, the Versace collection will not reach far beyond Dublin (as usual) so don't be suprised if your local H&M doesn't have a hint of it!
This will definitely last! With a blouse or on it's own, you will definitely see this one around so wear it in your own unique way!

Small touch, big effect!

If your braver go for the skirt! It's a bold choice but it can easily make your neutrals unforgettable! - Really like this one!

Lovely triangle cap corner detail on every pleat, subtle but effective!

love the original shape of these and a bright cocktail ring looks great with anything!

These ones on the left are Versace and the ones below are from River Island.  Both bright jeans with funky prints and yet I think the ones from River Island are better looking.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good palm tree print as much as the next girl but somehow it just doesn't seem to fit my Irish surroundings.  Personal choice really but if you can pull these off you deserve whatever attention you get!

Will it be mayhem at H&M  for Versace?  Not sure it will be as big a rush as Carl Lagerfeld's 2004 collection for H&M but all the best if you'll be in the queue! Vievie Xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Cafés in Limerick

In Montreal there is a café on almost every block (sigh)! Unfortunately not the case in Limerick.  Having been here for a while, the following have become my favourite cafés (so far) in Limerick and I've added a  little note as to why.  If your a real café lover you know there is a different café for every occasion!

(there are now 4 of them in the City, so you are well served!)

8/10 for this place.  The food is splendid especially if you love your french onion soup!  The salad/ sandwich bar is full of gorgeous fresh ingredients and the portions are generous (great options for vegetarians!).  The coffee is great and the decor is french imitation cool.  They play french music which always makes me feel nice and although I have yet to meet a french person there, the french café charm is definitely in the air.  There is one on Robert Street close to the Milk Market which is handy and you can sit outside ( it can be a bit cramped inside) but personally I prefer the one on O'Connell Street as it's a little more spacious and quite.

Catherine St Limerick

8/10 for this place.  It's simply lovely and clean.  The decor is warm and stylish. The food is nice with some vegetarian options but the best thing about this place is it caters to the yummy mummy and her pram!  There is a mothers & babies toilette with changing table which is very very handy.  The prices are reasonable and the quality of the food is very good.  My only complaint is that it is often too full!  They have a little waiting area but as a rule, I don't wait for a seat in a café, it's not a 5 star restaurant, and I don't like feeling rushed when I do get to sit down so this is one for off peak times only for me :)

13 Catherine Street (across from Sage Café)

7/10 When Sage's is too full, head over to French's.  The decor (bar the big windows that flood the place in light) is a bit of a let down but the food is most certainly not!  If you want eggs to perfection, real french crepe and strong coffee, this is the place for you!  I love the eclectic mix of people who come here.  Business people, families, students, all feel welcome by the lovely staff.  The prices are great and the atmosphere has a real charm.  If your not a snob about your cafés, French's is the kind of place you can hang around for hours without being made to feel like your over staying your welcome!  It's also right across the street from a stationary shop so you can sip your coffee then head over for your never ending stationary needs!

Rutland Street

8/10 for this place.  If you have visitors it's a must see in itself.  Sunday's are free and Monday's are 2 for 1 for the entry fee, or you can just go there for the café.  It has loads of room and the views on the river are beautiful! The food is lovely, especially the pastries and the prices are very reasonable! It's nice and quiet if you want to do a bit of reading and I love the little gift shop too!

Olio & Farina (O&F)
Little Catherine Street

I give this place a 9/10 for decor, charm, coffee and food! This little Italian gem will not disappoint!  The prices are a bit higher then elsewhere but the quality of the food is amazing!  Traditional Italian dishes and loads of goodies to take away!  If your looking to impress or really treat yourself, this is the place! A friend of mine works there and really loves it.  I always think that if the staff are happy it must be a good place to go! Check out the website:

Henry Street

8/10 - One thing I don't like about Limerick is that you can't get a café opened after 6!  We don't all want to go to the pub you know!  This place is beautiful!  Go straight for the second floor where you will find plenty of space and maybe even someone playing the piano.  The decor is lovely and it's always nice and warm (I hate eating or sipping coffee in a freezing place!).  This is my place of choice for a nice relaxing late night coffee alone, or with friends.  Sometimes it's nice to go out just for a little desert and coffee!

I may need to add to this list as I am forever looking for new places to discover and when I do, I'll be sure to let you in on them!  Hope this list is helpful!
Bon Café! - Vievie :)