Friday, 30 December 2011

Situation 689

'This is rubbish!' he thought.
"It's like emotions equated into colour moving through one's own inner peace" he said.

Playing the game.

- Vievie :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Clash of the Tartan

It's been a while since my last blog, sorry about that. I've been busy, haven't we all?! I recently took an automobile ride (nobody ever says automobile anymore, such a shame) to the capital (Dublin).  I can't say I miss it all that much.  I do miss all it's little fashion spots but that traffic! Went to the National Gallery.  If you haven't already been it's a lovely treat. The art, the history, the café
 and it has a great little gift shop too! Enough bla bla already, show the outfit! Here it is:

Stripe top & necklace recently acquired in Penny's, I love it!  You can do so many looks with this top! The skirt is a vintage favourite and my black suede block heels I got from a shop closing down.

It was my 6th Wedding anniversary on the 19th. Happiness still reigns so I think I'll keep him.

And now for a world premiere exclusive: The new wallpaper in my downstairs loo

Beach scenery painting by an unknown artist & voila!
It's the small things that bring the greatest pleasures!
Bonne Journée! Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Click & Spend!

Don't know what it is lately but I can't get enough of ebay!  Maybe it's because I don't really like shopping in the frenzy of this time of year and it's oh so peaceful to shop from home! Anyway, bla bla bla, get on with it! Here's what I spotted today:

Very Victoria B (but affordable!)
Just under £24 including shipping.  It comes in loads of colours and is the perfect canvas to bling up or wear casually... this wine coloured one is my favourite.

The perfect party shoe! You don't see much green around when it comes to shoes so I like that these are a bit different.  They do also come in hot pink.
£25 including shipping.

This lovely skirt will see you through all year around! With boots or pretty flats I can see loads of different looks with this skirt and it's only £10.15, free shipping too!

How great are these ? I just bought a pair of boots yesterday and I'm already looking for more!
About £33 pound including shipping for these beauties and they come in three colours to choose from.

About £24 pound including shipping.  Love the funky pattern.  Patterns are set to be really big this spring and this one is really versatile!

No wonder I'm running out of wardrobe space! Hope you liked these!
Happy shopping!
Vievie Xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What I Scored Today!

It's pure miserable out but I needed to brave the elements to get some shopping done!This is what I went with:

But what I'm most delighted about was this:

An Eden Park Navy blue velvet blazer with pink lining.  This would normally retail at around €400 and I got for €10 in SVP. It still has the tags on it! - Major SCORE!

Was looking for a little something for my hubby for all the hard work he's been doing around the house and he being the mad rugby fan will surely be delighted too!
Can't wait to give it to him!
Have you scored any great deals lately? Let me know, I love happy stories!
A la prochaine! Vievie Xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Great Finds on Ebay!

With three very young kids I don't have a whole lot of time to go shopping but with these great little bargains I can have these treats come to me! Check these out:

These are bang on trend and go with just about everything! About €38 including shipping!
About €8 including shipping
They look a lot like the ones by Miquella as seen in the Sunday Times Style magazine, only they are £140... tough choice.

These also come in a camel colour. Just under €34 and the shipping is free!

Love the colours of this! About €22 including shipping.  This would look great with the boots at the top!

This would dress up any plain top or dress!
Less than €11 including shipping.

It takes a bit of time & patience but you can find some real treats on ebay!
Now to decide which I want most!
Happy shopping! Vievie Xx 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Prim & Proper

I love the idea of having a definite style but I really couldn't make up my mind what to stick to! Today I have gone for prim and proper.  Sorry for my sour puss expression, really didn't mean to look like such a snob! Going for a bit of Wallace Simpson here

I've had this vintage wool skirt since I was 19 and it has never let me down! You can really feel it's quality in the weight!  I recycle my wardrobe all the time but some pieces are so well made they look good forever and I'll never get rid of them! Over the knee leather boots (last year's anniversary present), Black tweed jacket from M&S.

Vintage Mulberry bag found in charity shop for €4- Score!
Instant posh factor!
Vintage Dior super buttery soft leather gloves, €2.50 in a charity shop.... it's a gift, I know!
Sunday evening- it's all about coffee and reading the Sunday Times! A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx

Friday, 9 December 2011

Fur Sure! Look Good, Feel Warm!

What can I say, I'm obsessed with the fur vest! It just seems to go with everything!

I've had this cashmere dress from Next for years and I never get tired of it!
 A dab of bright deep pink lippy should finish this look off nicely
I'm loving all the looks in the mags at the moment but I'm ALWAYS freezing so I can't go running around town dressed like it's September when it's December!

Not only does this bling ring look good but it's a safety feature as well! You do not want this ring imprinted in your forehead!
Shoes from Dunnes Store, really comfortable! Making the most of the dry weather... wouldn't venture forth wearing shoes with this many holes too often!

Bon weekend! Vievie Xx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

What I Wore Today

Some looks you'd wear everyday, and this is one of them for me at the moment:

Love my vintage Levi's! Top and vest both from Penny's (Primark), Poetic Justice shoes and leather satchel from charity shops but they are the best quality ever!

Here's a good tip if your a second-hand shopper: January/ February will be the best time to find unique treasures as people tend to do clear-outs to make room for all their new stuff as well as dumping gifts they didn't want... one girl's trash is another girl's treasure!

Love this bag and when I use it for my 3 year old's books and crayons he looks like something straight out of a Burberry add! Not bad for €3!

This is my own dressed up version of Labyrinth's Jennifer Connelly! Love that movie!  I had such a crush on David Bowe!

Ooooooh the nostalgia!
Bonne Journee! Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fair Skin - Fair Enough!

It's obvious when you look around that being tanned is a sign of beauty.  I'm not saying it's not but if your naturally fair and you live in a basically sun free place (ie UK & Ireland)than no one is fooled by layers of orange!  It's such a shame to see girls caking on layers of make-up when what's really beautiful is what comes naturally to you, be it fair or dark! I wonder if we will ever embrace fair skin again? Why are some so obsessed with fake tan? 
I know a healthy glow is attractive but there is a difference between a glow and oven bake! Take these pale beauties for example:
Saoirse Ronan
Anne Hathaway
Kirsten Dunst

Lisa Eldridge

Cate Blanchett

Beauty comes in all sorts of shades but the one that usually suits you the best is never to far from the one you were born with! If I didn't read about it I wouldn't have a bog about applying make-up so I love it when I find something great to help me in the beauty department! Check out Lisa Eldridge's site for great make-up tips
Her tips are for all skin colours and her videos make looking great so easy, nay, fool proof!  I don't think looking beautiful should take hours or make you look unlike your natural self so if you don't look like you have just been on holiday don't think of it as a bad thing, pale skin doesn't mean you pale in beauty!  A la prochaine! Vievie xx 

Monday, 5 December 2011

My Monday Best

I thought I would combat the blaaa weather with some cheerful colours in this outfit!  Dress from H&M with jumper & tights from Penny's (Primark) and New Look shoes.  Feel like a real lady in this outfit :) It's dressy (get it?, hihi... OK, anyway) but it's really comfortable!

Sounds simple but brighter colours do make me feel better on a gloomy day! Have a nice one!
Vievie Xx

Friday, 2 December 2011

Today's Look - Pretty In Pink

I can't help but feel a bit happier in these pink jeans - Je vois la vie en rose! They were a charity shop find for about €3 and the blouse is a new purchase from Penny's reduced to €5 (score!).

My favourite heels (for the moment) from Zara, they go with everything!

Bonjour from China! €5
What time is it Mr Wolf? Time for french toast and coffee!
Necklace from New Look, €3 clearance

I love high fashion but you don't need loads of cash to look good, just the right combination of things you like! Have a great weekend! A la prochaine - Vievie Xx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Cool - Get It?

OK, I know I'm cheesy! With all the different winter styles available I had every intention to go bright and bold but deep down I'm a neutral girl.  I love classic colours and any wild changes are kept to accessories and the odd outburst.  In the end these are the items I chose for my winter staples:

How cute is that?

The coat is F&F (Tesco) and the faux fur and boots are ebay finds that are due to arrive any day now!
The whole look won't be loud but there will be plenty of options to mix and match with bright colours or tone on tone to go with any mood I'm in!
Thought these looks were pretty cool too if your looking for a bit of inspiration:
Love the parka!

Really like this look!

What can I say, I'm drawn to grey! (Notice the rhyme?)
I hate the cold but there is no reason to not like dressing up for it!
A la prochaine! Vievie xx