Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Click & Spend!

Don't know what it is lately but I can't get enough of ebay!  Maybe it's because I don't really like shopping in the frenzy of this time of year and it's oh so peaceful to shop from home! Anyway, bla bla bla, get on with it! Here's what I spotted today:

Very Victoria B (but affordable!)
Just under £24 including shipping.  It comes in loads of colours and is the perfect canvas to bling up or wear casually... this wine coloured one is my favourite.

The perfect party shoe! You don't see much green around when it comes to shoes so I like that these are a bit different.  They do also come in hot pink.
£25 including shipping.

This lovely skirt will see you through all year around! With boots or pretty flats I can see loads of different looks with this skirt and it's only £10.15, free shipping too!

How great are these ? I just bought a pair of boots yesterday and I'm already looking for more!
About £33 pound including shipping for these beauties and they come in three colours to choose from.

About £24 pound including shipping.  Love the funky pattern.  Patterns are set to be really big this spring and this one is really versatile!

No wonder I'm running out of wardrobe space! Hope you liked these!
Happy shopping!
Vievie Xx

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  1. Those boots are gorgeous! Great ebay find, i'll be keeping those in my watch list until after Christmas anyway!