Monday, 12 December 2011

Great Finds on Ebay!

With three very young kids I don't have a whole lot of time to go shopping but with these great little bargains I can have these treats come to me! Check these out:

These are bang on trend and go with just about everything! About €38 including shipping!
About €8 including shipping
They look a lot like the ones by Miquella as seen in the Sunday Times Style magazine, only they are £140... tough choice.

These also come in a camel colour. Just under €34 and the shipping is free!

Love the colours of this! About €22 including shipping.  This would look great with the boots at the top!

This would dress up any plain top or dress!
Less than €11 including shipping.

It takes a bit of time & patience but you can find some real treats on ebay!
Now to decide which I want most!
Happy shopping! Vievie Xx 

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