Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fair Skin - Fair Enough!

It's obvious when you look around that being tanned is a sign of beauty.  I'm not saying it's not but if your naturally fair and you live in a basically sun free place (ie UK & Ireland)than no one is fooled by layers of orange!  It's such a shame to see girls caking on layers of make-up when what's really beautiful is what comes naturally to you, be it fair or dark! I wonder if we will ever embrace fair skin again? Why are some so obsessed with fake tan? 
I know a healthy glow is attractive but there is a difference between a glow and oven bake! Take these pale beauties for example:
Saoirse Ronan
Anne Hathaway
Kirsten Dunst

Lisa Eldridge

Cate Blanchett

Beauty comes in all sorts of shades but the one that usually suits you the best is never to far from the one you were born with! If I didn't read about it I wouldn't have a bog about applying make-up so I love it when I find something great to help me in the beauty department! Check out Lisa Eldridge's site for great make-up tips
Her tips are for all skin colours and her videos make looking great so easy, nay, fool proof!  I don't think looking beautiful should take hours or make you look unlike your natural self so if you don't look like you have just been on holiday don't think of it as a bad thing, pale skin doesn't mean you pale in beauty!  A la prochaine! Vievie xx 

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