Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wedding Belle

This is high wedding season and if your like me you need your money to go further without compromising on looks.  When I was single there was such a buzz about weddings and the possibility of meeting someone. Now that I'm married it's a lovely reminder of how special our own day was, a chance to get all dressed up and share in some else's joy. Whatever your looking forward to I'm sure you want to look your very best!  I've pulled together a little selection of great dresses at very reasonable prices that are sure to make an impact if your attending a wedding over the summer and if your not, they're still great dresses!
I must tell you that all these dresses reflect a few of my personal beliefs regarding being a wedding guest.
1) There are always the overdressed or under dressed guests, don't be either of these! 
2) Don't outshine the bride, it's her day for goodness sake!
3) Unless the invite says so, don't wear white! 
4) Less is NOT more! You don't want to be remembered for the wrong reasons so dress respectably!
OK, enough preaching. Proceed and enjoy!

Dorothy Perkins Lilac sparkly dress
Only about €26 including shipping!

Black chiffon maxi dress
This would look amazing with gold or turquoise jewellery!
Only about €14 and free shipping!

I love the shape of this vintage style dress!
Change the belt for a ribbon or add a large flower brooch.
This dress is perfect for a small country wedding!
About €43 including shipping
Also check out their great shop!

Bird print maxi dress
I'm really into Wallis Simpson' style at the moment and I could totally see her in this elegant dress!
About €35 including shipping

 One shoulder diamante dress
(Sorry for lousy picture!)
Classic and chic, just add statement earrings!
About €45 including shipping

Feeling brave?
If "quirky" is a word used to describe your style than this is the dress for you!
Dolce&Gabbana -esque dress (without the price tag!)
Only about €70 & free shipping!

Mandarin collar pleated dress
Conservative yes, but very elegant. Just add bling :)
I got this one in soft pink and I have the longer version in sea foam blue... I just love them!
Only about €17 & free shipping!

I want this skirt!
Do it a la SJP and keep the rest of your look clean and simple.
About €30 including shipping

Flower embroidered silk dress
This little dress is simply beautiful and looks expensive!
Only about €37 including shipping

Floral maxi dress
Perfect if your expecting.
Wear with your hair up and with a wedge shoe to keep it from looking frumpy.
About €54 including shipping

Unless your the one getting married, don't wear this!
I just thought it was so beautiful I had to include it.
I think it's just stunning!
Only about €63 including shipping!

There is lots of great stuff on the high street but one of the things I love about shopping online is that it's highly unlikely someone else will show up with the same outfit!
Hope you saw something you liked, wedding guest or not! :)

-Vievie Xx


  1. Spotted a few dresses I like in this post :)

    I need help! I bought this coral dress & I am wanting to wear it out to hen party (meal & drinks) & then to a wedding (different hen) next month! What shoes shall I wear, I thinking maybe a nude pair? heres my dress from A-Wear (sorry its new, not from charity shop or the net, I broke a big rule)

  2. Oh! The black maxi reminds me of a gorgeous blue one in TopShop, it has a lace back. Sooo stunning! I hope its in the sale as its a big steep at £48 for me I think, knowing full well Topshop always have sales.

  3. Oh my god, that wedding dress is STUNNING!
    Half tempted to buy it now and save it for if/when I get married (even though I'm only 21!) :-P
    That'd be an interesting thing to say on first dates... "by the way, I already have my wedding dress" :-P