Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blue on the Brain

I think blue is my favourite colour & skirts are my favourite clothing item at the moment. Ever go through phases of wanting to wear different versions of the same thing all the time?  I do try and mix it  up but right now I'm in a happy place with my blues and skirts!  I think skirts are often over looked for every day wear which is a shame because they can be very comfortable and chic! 
On a different note, I'm not sure if it's my age or something else but as I flick through images of street styles, I've really had enough of cut off jean shorts and tights! It's time to move on! Same with bodycon. It had a moment but that moment has passed so just leave it alone! PLEASE!
Ok enough moaning.... Here's an outfit I wore earlier this week:

My blue top is from Penny's, Skirt from a charity shop, shoes & necklace from Dunnes Stores.

I like colour blocking but I usually include a soft colour as two bright colours make me feel like a child's tv programme presenter, some power trip woman from the 80's or an add for United Colours of Benetton. 
What's happening this weekend? The kids are sick and sound like smokers, we're doing up our garden & all I really want is a good nights sleep! - Here's hoping!
Still, I have lovely fresh flowers & I've made rice crispy squares like my mum used to make is still good!
Have a great weekend everyone!

-Vievie Xx


  1. I just love your pictures so so much <3 x

  2. Love the soft colour of the skirt. Thanks to The Agoraphobic Fashionista for introducing me!
    Ruth -