Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend in Print

Well I had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all did too!  Friday I went to the gym (yes I'm still going), but I won't bore you with the details except one little event. I nearly fell off my bike that goes nowhere at the sight of a man coming out of the lady's change room and was about to vocalise this offence when I realised that HE was actually a SHE! TIP: When you work out so much that you start looking like a bloke, it's time to lay off the weights!
We had a lovely family dinner Saturday night as my sister-in-law was over from Cornwall and Sunday we had some friends over for a lazy lunch followed by a walk along the Shannon river with the kids. There was also much football but I wont even pretend I know what's going on or that I'm interested! SO, here's what I wore over the weekend:

Jumper & skirt from Penny's, necklace from Dorothy Perkins and heels from Dunnes Store.
I'm loving the midi length and I hope it continues for a good while.  The important thing to remember is to wear heels :)
Blazer & shoes from a charity shop, dress from Dunnes Stores.
Prints are also one of my favourite trend this season with the exception of tropical. When your as pale as me, bright coloured plants and fruits don't exactly compliment my tan but who knows, there might be a tropical print out there with my name on it.. not holding my breath on that one!

I found some lovely little treats online so keep in touch, I'll have them up later this week.

Have a great week everyone!
-Vievie Xx

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