Saturday, 23 June 2012

Things That Glitter

As I'm trying to widen out in my choices of jewellery this is what I want to share with you this week.  There are many great finds online but it must be said there is an awful lot of rubbish out there too!  Among other things I spotted were gorgeous H&M neon yellow necklaces being sold at twice or even three times the original price because they're out of stock. As a rule I refuse to be a slave for fashion items, and I most certainly will not play the ass pining for a carrot at the end of a stick held by bulk buying little profiteers looking to make a quick buck!

Preferring the nod over the full fledged deep curtsy when it comes to trends I was looking for things that were unique and different to what we are seeing on the high street or at the very least, on trend at a great price. enjoy!

Sleek & Sharp
About €12 including shipping

Long flower chain
There's something about this charming chain
Also available in white
Only about €11 & free shipping!

Oval resin earrings
These are sure to stand out!
Only about €3 & free shipping!

Gold & leather necklace
Simple but so smart!
About €11 & free shipping :)

Cream & gold necklace
One of my favourite finds this week!
Only about €10 & free shipping!

Pendant circular stud earrings
I love these!
Only about €3 & free shipping!

Multilayer chain necklace
Only about €6 & free shipping!

Red chunky necklace & earrings
If your colour blocking this summer, this one's for you!
About €15 & free shipping :)

Spike layered chain necklace
Stunning & can be used in self-defence!
Only About €6 & free shipping!

Large green statement necklace
Looking to dress up that t-shirt? :)
Don't go swimming in this or your as good as sunk!
About €27 including shipping

Mini belt bracelet
Big fat bangles are all the rage but I like the thinness of these
About €5.50 & free shipping :)

Neon & black necklace
another one of my favourite finds this week!
Only about €6 including shipping!

Black rhinestone pendant
I love a simple pendant, it goes with everything!
Only about €7 including shipping :)

Handmade thread bracelets
Going to a festival this summer?
You get nine , yes 9, of them for about €5.50 including shipping!

Last but not least, 5 piece rhinestone stack rings
I got these for myself and I love them!
I know chunky rings are in but I think delicate rings are just around the corner!
About €3 & free shipping :)

I'm better at being creative with clothes than I am with jewellery but as they say, practise makes perfect so I just need to make a little more of an effort :)
I hope you spotted something you liked!

A la prochaine!
-Vievie Xx

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  1. So many gorgeous finds there, I love loads of them. Must check them out!