Friday, 29 June 2012

Vievie in Wonderland

I suppose today is a day for daydreaming. Dull then sunny, bright then sombre.  A mix of necessary reality and a walk in the clouds.  It is after all Friday.  Making plans for the weekend, flying paper airplanes with the boys, a friend popping in for coffee.  The perfect mélange.

Feeling kinda funny in a good way so I thought I would wear my wonderland top and glam it up for no special reason with my jewelled kitten heels.  I haven't had the occasion to wear them so I'm wearing them just because.
My top is from No Name,Jeans so old I can't remember where I got them & shoes from Oxfam.
A bit of Erik Satie, coffee and looking through old photographs. Simple happy things are the best kind of happy things :)

Bon Weekend!
-Vievie Xx


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