Friday, 6 July 2012

Go With The Flow

Maxi dresses. So comfortable and yet I can't help but think they usually look a bit frumpy. From the waist down they sometimes end up looking like a waterfall of fabric completely swallowing up the feminine shape.  There are of course exceptions.  Having purchased a maxi dress with a dipping hemline I find this little problem is eliminated.  By seeing a little of the legs at the front you avoid your bottom half from looking like it has disappeared. It also significantly reduces the embarrassing chances of you walking on your dress, tripping and spilling yourself all over the floor or worse, down some staircase.  Hilarious when it happens to someone else but not you. 
So here is my latest little purchase:

Blazer & belt from a charity shop, dress from Guinney's (Yes, Guinney's, €16), heels from Dunnes Stores.
I would tend to think Guinney's is for the older shopper but I'm in there the odd time for their baby stuff and every now and then they do have certain pieces that stand out, like this dress so why not? I'm not a snob!

Thanks for popping by and keep in touch for a new list of great online finds!

Have a great Friday!

-Vievie Xx


  1. Guineys!!! I dont believe it. It's gorgeous. Recent purchase?

  2. Brilliant!! Great idea re hem line at the front, was it like this when you bought it or did you hange it yourself? I'm just curious if I'd be able to do it to my own maxi dress, hate the idea of tripping while carrying bags and a child ;) x (we met earlier this month in Dublin :) I also did TTD with Jet. Loved wearing my dress again one last time)

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