Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bump Not Frump

At 28 weeks there is no hiding my precious little cargo and the temptation to live in trackies or leggings is greater than ever! Dresses are my favourite item at the moment as they are most comfortable and when you have a slight waddle like a penguin, can't see your feet and start debating whether something is worth bending down for, comfort is of the utmost importance!

I'm really looking forward to wearing my old jeans, tops or anything I haven't been able to wear the last 4 months! Right now I can't bare anything tight across my belly so loose and flowing is what I usually go for.  I find it easier to dress down something dressy than to dress up something casual when I'm pregnant and since I don't want to spend loads on 'maternity' clothes, I try to get stuff that I will still be able to wear after the little one arrives.
Navy dress & belt from Penny's, H&M cardie and New Look wedge boots.
In other news, I've swapped our piano for this 70's oak sideboard.  I've come to realise that after 5 years of having a piano and not playing it, I'm not about to burst into Eric Satie territory anytime soon so time to get practical!
I sold the piano and got this in a charity shop for €25! SCORE!
Ya, that's a total pose! With three kids under 5 (and one on the way) you will never find me tucked away in a quiet corner reading a book in the middle of the day but I'm going for something serene here so just go with it!
What's on my mind? All things lovely, pretty, adorable and tiny! Not long to go now and I'm thoroughly enjoying getting ready for a girl...she may end up a total tomboy but until further notice I'm revelling in all things girlie!
-Vievie Xx