Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fall for Autumn

As the cool autumn air sets in, it's time to wrap up.  It shouldn't be that difficult since we've been doing it all summer with the exception of that one week, you know the one I'm talking about. There was a whole 4 days in a row when it didn't rain! Selling products for sunshine in Ireland is like selling rain gear for the desert! Anyway, on with a more pleasing subject, fashion! Autumn is by far my favourite season for fashion.  It will be a bit trickier with being pregnant but there's no reason I can't keep up with styles I like & include my little bump! Almost anything goes this autumn/winter with prints and tailored shapes going strong. I love all the blues and deep rich tones mixed in with last season's fresh pastels & strong jewellery.  We are spoilt for choice! Here are a few pieces I spotted earlier this week, as always at a great price but also slightly different from the easily accessible on the high street.  

First up this fresh simple blazer.
Only about €22 including shipping!

I love this Three-In-One envelope clutch.
It will fit more than just your phone and lipstick!
Only about €13 and free shipping :)
It also come in two other colour combos

If your into print this season, this is the top for you!
This trend is a lot easier than it looks and once you start your hooked!
Only about €26 & free shipping :)
After all that print, cleanse your palette with a
fresh chiffon maxi skirt.
This would be beautiful with a grey jumper or
a navy jumper with the lilac one.
They come in a rainbow of colours and to be honest I wouldn't know which one to choose!
Only about €29 & free shipping!

I'm a minimalist at heart and I love the return to simple clean lines this season!
This lovely jacket also come in black or white.
About €31 including shipping.
Not following any particular trend, I just thought this bag looked amazing!
The shape is bang on for now and I love that it looks like a big oil stain!
About €24 including shipping
I'm a jumper junkie so all my lists tend to include at least one jumper (if not more!)
I like the honeycomb texture of this cosy one.
It also comes in soft pink.
Only about €18 including shipping
This top is perfect for work, going out or for everyday casual!
Only €16 including shipping!
Lovely two tone handbag
It comes in a load of colours but this one was my favourite!
About €36 including shipping
Owls are everywhere this season so I'm opting for something different, like flamingos!
Only €22 including shipping
Denim shirts are still strong this season and I really like the detail on this one
Only about €20 & free shipping!
Last but not least, a slouchy jumper even I could fit into!
About €18 including shipping
It also comes in 2 other colours
Hope you spotted something you like!
I'm off to get my baby scan so here's hoping!
Have a great week!
-Vievie Xx

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