Monday, 28 November 2011

Gold - The New Neutral!

Forever linked with luxury, gold is back!  This season, and I suspect the next two, it will definitely be part of the must have colour palette!  Not just in jewellery but tops, trousers, shoes, bags. The great thing about gold is you can wear it like a neutral.  A gorgeous rich, deep neutral!  Tread carefully though!  Gold comes in many hues and some say understated luxury while others say cheap bling! There is plenty of gold to be found in the shops at the moment so take your pick, big or small, it will blend beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe!  These are some of my favourite picks from here and there:

Gold jeans from Zara, about €40, Great for day or night!

For a cheaper option, try these tights from asos - about €12.

A nice gold jumper dresses up any simple look. The one above is from ebay: , About €8.  The one on the right is from New Look for about €35.
If your not into too much gold you can give a nod to the trend with smaller accents like these:
Gold collar from asos for about €22. ( I think Penny's are doing similar ones for less.)
Gorgeous belt that will look great regardless of trend! Asos, about €25.
If your feeling brave, make a statement with these really cool boots:

I love the texture of these and you don't need much else to make a great look! About €70 (free shipping) from ebay: Boots

For the least expensive option try gold nail varnish, it goes with everything!

Nearly every brand had it's own version of gold.  I really like this one from No17 as it's a deeper, almost bronze shade and about €5... can't go wrong with that!

Sing along! - Golden years, Clap! Clap! Golden years!, OK that's enough... Bonne journee! -Vievie


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