Friday, 18 November 2011

Week in Fashion Pics

It was Chicken pox all around for my boys last week so fashion wasn't exactly at the forefront of my mind but this week was much better.  We actually managed a few outings and I concocted some new outfits... Didn't buy anything but tried new combinations of stuff I already have.  Think these were among my better moments:

Skirts and dresses can be so comfy!  All this stuff is from Penny's bar the shoes. Note: I don't look so miserable... need to smile more in pictures!

Really like this dress from H&M for €5! It's a bit too long so I've tucked the front bit under my belt for a different effect (and so I don't kill myself going up and down the stairs!).  Happy to keep using my summer maxi dresses through winter!

Got these trousers from Penny's over a year ago and am only starting to wear them.  Love the length!  This is my minimalistic look... no fuss today please!

Got a lovely little kimono style top while in Canada and wrapped it over a cardie so I can keep wearing it even in the cold! Perfect for running around the shops!

It's tough stuff coming up with different outfits to go with blaaaaa weather all the time but I get a kick out of trying! Bonne fin de semaine! (have a nice weekend!) -Vievie Xx

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