Monday, 24 October 2011

Missha M BB Cream Review

When I saw the adds for Garnier's BB cream I immediately went out and purchased it but I also ordered the Missha M BB cream through ebay to compare.  I was a bit nervous of using a product where all the info on the back is all and only in Korean but the recommendations seemed so positive I couldn't resist.  After a month of using each I must say there was no outstanding difference between the two but there are small variances that make me prefer Missha over Garnier. 
I have the Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream No.21...also known as the basic one (there is quite a selection available).  The texture is more like that of a tinted moisturiser than Garnier's version which is much thicker.  The coverage of both is great but I feel I need less with Missha and to my critical eye I find my face is more luminous in a healthy way with the Missha cream. 
There are many factors to take into consideration for my next statement and every one's skin is different but having had "problem" skin since I was 12, I did see an improvement in the clarity of my skin.  I can't say Garnier's version would not have resulted in the same as I have been using Missha the last month but I am delighted at how my skin has improved, pores are smaller and my complexion more fresh, smooth and even!
I love how little it takes to give you perfect coverage and how it lasts all day without dulling my skin.  The smell is much softer in the Missha M but then the strong fragrence of the other never bothered me.  Garnier's has a factor 15 SPF whereas Missha has an SPF of 42.  I'm not sure how necessary such a high factor is in Ireland as the sun is NEVER out to the point where a day without rain now qualifies as a nice day.
I think it comes down to personal choice as I found both to be great products but for me I will continue to order the Missha M BB cream off the net.. it comes out cheaper even with the shipping and the small differences are worth while to my perfectionist nature!
Worth the try!  A la prochaine- Vievie Xx

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