Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend Mode

I hope you had a nice weekend! I'm still in weekend mode, well except for the launderette I'm running in the background.  My most despised of chores!  Clothes can be so needy!

It was a fairly quiet weekend with a few outings, namely a swap party yesterday.  I really enjoy these things as I get to get rid of stuff I'm sick of seeing and pick out new stuff (new to me anyway), and it costs zippo!  There are several ways to do swap parties but my friends and I keep it all very informal and civilised.  No one tackling or pulling hair over wanting the same item or greedy little hoarders taking everything.  We all have a little walk about sipping our drinks, eating our nibbles and chatting away while browsing at all the goodies. Whatever hasn't been taken in the end is given to charity. From ages 14-60, super slim to curvy, tall and short it doesn't matter as with jewellery, shoes, handbags, scarves, and of course clothes, you are sure to find something and if you don't, you at least cleared out what you didn't want and made someone else happy!

Here's what I wore this weekend and what I got!

I wasn't sure how the whole pyjama trousers trend would work but I love these ones I got at the swap ( as well as the hand knit cropped pink top and striped jacket) and they are really easy to dress up or down!
My pictures are little bit like me today, all over the place! Sorry about that... I blame Monday!

-Vievie Xx

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