Friday, 17 February 2012

Litter Bugs

Litter Bug: A rather cute way of describing a person who thinks the world is their dumping ground.

They are everywhere and come from all walks of life!  The easiest thing would be to target teenagers, there's a reason for that, they are probably the worst offenders BUT they are not alone!  Just the other day I spotted a 40 something woman driving a Volvo, a recent one at that, when she opened her window and tossed out a crumpled bag of some sort on to the country road that leads to my street.  I suddenly turned into a wild woman on a mission as I beeped her, shaking my head in disapproval and giving her the evil eye whilst pointing at the object of her shame! She completely ignored me and drove on.

Lack of shame seems to be a characteristic of the litter bug or perhaps it's disillusion.  If you litter but no one is around to see it, does it matter? YES! What is the thinking process that goes on in these people's heads? None I suppose!  Is the weight of your litter to great to bear that it might cause you some sort of physical harm?  Are you so far away from a bin that you cannot hold on to YOUR litter until the appropriate place to dispose of it has been found?  Here's a news flash, the ground is NOT the appropriate place!

Would you dump your litter on the floor in your house? Or worse, someone else' house? It's disrespectful, dirty and completely unnecessary! 

Oh but I'm not one of those people! Not my fault, not my responsibility! WRONG! 
If you don't like it, show you don't like it and let's all do our part! When you pick up litter you let those around you know you don't tolerate it and they might just do the same.  If someone dumps their litter, kindly point out to them that they have dropped something. 

Am I alone here? Who wants to look at other people's rubbish? There are laws in place for this sort of thing and I have heard of the legend of the litter warden but have yet to see one! However, surely we are capable of doing something because it is the right thing to do and not because we are threatened by some sort of law! Having said that, I do think if they started handing out fines we would see results but in the mean time we can still all do our part to help keep our streets, countrysides, cites, wherever, CLEAN!

Give the earth a hug, don't be a litter bug!

OK, I'm not the best in the old slogan department but you get the idea!

Have a nice, litter-free weekend!

-Vievie Xx

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