Monday, 27 February 2012

La La La Limerick!

Another Monday another week but not without a little weekend review :)
Hope you all had a good weekend.  We actually had, uh, what's it called? Oh ya, SUNSHINE, a rare presence these days! A perfect day for running around town, getting things done.  Having left Dublin 4 years ago, you would miss all the things a capital city brings but I really love living in Limerick and it does have some great little treasures to discover. I love that everything is close and walkable in city centre with the perfect mix of shops and cafés. If you haven't been, your missing out!  Limerick isn't one of those obvious cities, it requires a bit of your time and attention to appreciate it's variety but it's charm is undeniable! I intend to blog more about it in the future but for now here's some of the weekend's outfits and finds :)
A newly acquired top from Dunnes Stores (€10) mixed with older favourites. It comes in green and grey but I'm glad I went for the orange as it's not my usual colour choice. New rings and yellow heels from Penny's on the right for €5.

Running around town I spotted these two lovely ladies. Lauren (left) and Hilary, both students at the Limerick College of Art and Design. I love Hilary's all black look with the bright punch of pink and Lauren reminds me a modern Annie Hall with her River Island blazer and lovely glasses. Thanks again for the picture girls! I really must do this more often as it's great to get ideas from others and I really don't think we get to see enough people who are NOT in Dublin. There is great style outside the capital and some of the best are coming out of Limerick so a little variety would be nice to see!

A friend of mine told me she thinks turquoise is the happiest of colours,  I think I have to agree! This lovely vintage skirt is from SVP on Thomas street (€6). I always find something great there. In fact I usually need to limit myself because the more you look around the more you find things! I paired it up with my trusty tweed jacket that I've had for over 10 years now and heels from Aldo.  The ring and earrings are from Penny's a few years back. If your in Limerick check out these second-hand shops for great finds: Best Second-Hand Shops in Limerick
Have a great week!


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