Friday, 2 March 2012

Tangerine Dreams!

I dream of orange. There, I've said it! With my pale pasty skin it's not an easy colour to approach. In fact I find it rather intimidating but these days I'm drawn by all things orange and want to overcome this silly notion that I can't wear it.  I have overcome other colours in the past, namely purple and perhaps this summer I might tackle yellow! So here are some lovely Internet finds mostly featuring my soon-to-be friend: orange and other treats I just couldn't leave out!

First up, this perfect little everything dress. This will surely help me in my mission to conquer orange!
Less than €20 including shipping :)

Strangely attractive so I had to show it!
Less than €10 including shipping if your up for something different!

Very VB but without the price tag!
About €30 including shipping

Perfect for summer!
Less than €30 including shipping

I'm walking on sunshine with these :)
About €23 including shipping

Kimono night robe.  Meant for sleeping but with a belt I would totally wear this as a dress!
About €25 and free shipping :)

I love comfy jumpers and this one just makes me smile :)
It comes in red and pink hearts too!
About €20 including shipping

If I can wear this I will definitely be cured of all orange shyness!
And if I'm not feeling brave enough it comes in loads of other pretty colours.
Check them out:
About €28 including shipping.

Geometric print blazer
About €14 including shipping
Really like this one!

I intend to do a similar eBay blog with only vintage finds but I just had to include this one today!
Vintage peplum secretary dress, less than €30 including shipping!

Ok, I had to include this great vintage find too!
At about €16 including shipping it would be foolish to pass it up!

If all else fails I'm sure I could manage an orange watch!
At about €3 and free shipping you can't go wrong and it comes in 10 colours!

Well there you have it! My tangerine dreams (and a few little extras)! Let me know what you think and what colour you find hard to wear. Together, through retail therapy I'm sure there is a colour cure for all!

Have a great weekend!

-Vievie Xx

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