Sunday, 4 March 2012

I love a casual weekend when things just happen without too much planning.  Movie with friends on Friday, dinner with my hubby on Saturday and a relaxing Sunday with the family and my newly acquired cold!  The good out weights the bad so overall a good weekend! Hope yours was too!

I borrowed my husbands top and found it so comfortable I wore it all day!  Sometimes instead of buying something called "boyfriend" whatever I should just walk over to the men's section and get the real thing!

My husband, my new favourite trousers and I all went out and had a wonderful dinner at the Cornstore on Thomas street, Limerick.  We had never been and I can't honestly remember the last restaurant we went to that had such pleasant service.  The atmosphere was perfect and the place was warm... a small but essential detail.  I hate eating in cold restaurants!  My dinner was delicious and the sticky toffee pudding was gorgeous and the biggest I'd ever seen!
If you haven't been, do try it! They are also in Cork. Check them out:

Have a great week!
A la prochaine!

-Vievie Xx

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