Friday, 30 March 2012

Le Fashion Fix

Bonjour everyone! I'm really excited about my finds this week.  Sorely tempted to get them all but of course won't.  It's not a philosophy set in stone but in general I really do believe you can get great stuff for less.  If your a bargain hunter you know the great buzz you get from finding something for half nothing.  In a world where we regularly over pay for things, part of me feels like I've beaten the system with my little bargain finds.  At the moment I'm all about mixing.  Old with new, soft with rough, sweet with tough.  You hear it all time because it's true - It's not so much about what you wear but how you wear it.  This week's random selection has some classic basics and a few Je ne sais quoi pieces thrown in for fun.

First up, a classic white shirt but I love the over-sized pockets on it.
Only €11 and free shipping :)
You will notice a lot of my finds this week come from this shop: 97K-Gallery on eBay.
Loads of great stuff so have a look!

I find the print on this skirt so pretty.  They have a few different ones so check them out:
About €13 including shipping.

Why not have the shoe to go with the skirt and shirt?
They come in a few colours but these are my favourite.
About €25 including shipping

Drop waists are definitely on trend at the moment and this little denim dress is perfect for the summer!
About €18 including shipping.
Toughen it up with my next find:

How brilliant are these? I could wear them with everything!
About €40 including shipping.
Love these!

This dress and some Nirvana, perfect!
About €22 including shipping.  It comes in other prints and colours so check them out:

Basic of basics, a good denim shirt will always be used!
About €13 including shipping.

 Lovely simple white dress, also worn by the New Girl herself, Zooey Deschanel.
Only about €10 and free shipping!

Simply beautiful heels!
About €36 including shipping

Another lovely trend, the asymmetrical skirt.
Only about €10 and free shipping!
It's also available in a lovely yellow.

Lovely chiffon colour block/print blouse
Only about €10 and free shipping!

Great look and they actually look comfortable!
About €26 including shipping

None of my lists would be complete without a jumper!
How dear is this one? (dear, get it? - your daily dose of cheese!)
About €17 and free shipping :)

And finally, do a  Prince Harry with these leather suede desert boots.
About €42 including shipping.

Another week, another list of great finds! Hope you found something you liked!
Let me know what you like and if there is something you want me to keep an eye out for. It's all about the thrill of the hunt & find for me!

Have a great weekend tous le monde!

-Vievie Xx


  1. le jupe fleurie est magnifique et les sandales bois encore plus!

  2. Oh goodness, that pleated green skirt is so beautiful- I love it! :)