Monday, 26 March 2012

Very Vert

 Dressing as fresh and bright as the day!
If we all dress to compliment the sun, will it stick around?
Green is, after all,  the colour of hope :) 

Along with it all, my favourite perfume.
 When I was 20 I set out to find my first perfume.  A bit late compared to most I know but that's how it was. I wanted something I would love forever and that would identify me.  I walked into The Bay in Montreal, gazed at the mirrored walls and glass counters of perfumes and looked all around until my eyes settled on a pretty little round bottle. A glass ball with a little pearl inside it.  Noa by Cacharel.  It was the first one I tried and I've been wearing it ever since.  I have others and love discovering new ones but Noa is me on any day, in any mood!

Along with Noa, today I'm wearing a top from Penny's (€9) & skirt from SVP (€3), Heels from Dunnes.  I got a turquoise version of this skirt about a month ago but seeing the fresh apple green one still there the other day I had to have it!
There were so many pretty things in Penny's and I just couldn't make up my mind except for this fine knit. I like finding pieces you can't pin a date to! This knit has a vintage look and feel about it that will keep me wearing it for years.

Hope your making the most of the sun!
-Vievie Xx

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