Friday, 23 March 2012

Fashion Fix

No theme this week just another random collection of "I like that" to share with you.  When I look for these pieces I have a vague idea of what I'm looking for but I try not to be too specific to keep an open mind as to what is out there.  You never know what you might come across.  I like finding either a great bargain or something really different.  I'm not loaded and I don't have time to run up and down the high street so eBay and I have become good friends for many reasons.  I do at times bid for things but I much prefer the straight forward Buy Now option because I know exactly what I'm going to spend. I love receiving packages in the post! Who doesn't?! Enjoy! :)

Dress up anything plain with this lovely necklace
About €9 including shipping

I've got a few jumpers this week but if your anything like me you always need one!
About €9 and free shipping :)

I love the print of this skirt.  It comes in loads of different ones so check them out!
About €12 including shipping

Crop tops are having a bit of a moment and I really like the sweet colours this one comes in.
About €16 including shipping
Some pieces you know you will have forever and this skirt is one of them!
Love this skirt!
About €45 including shipping

Black leather, a floaty skirt, jeans, this cardie will go a long way!
Available in a few different colours
About €20 including shipping

Pretty chiffon rose textured jumper
You can't see this very well but I just couldn't do any better so check it out for yourself
It's also available in black and blue
About €20 including shipping

The perfect pretty summer heel!
About €30 including shipping

I'm about as sporty as a koala bear but with this jacket, I'm willing to make an effort!
About €22 including shipping
Lastly on my list this week, another statement piece
About €9 including shipping

There you have it! Hope you spotted something you liked!
Happy shopping!
Have a good weekend everyone!

-Vievie Xx

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