Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shoe Shoe

Head to toe is the norm but recently I've been trying to dress myself the other way around, toe to head!
With all the fabulous pictures of street styles floating around, especially all the stylish fashion week(s) attendees, I loved that many made their shoes the statement piece of their look.  Here are a few interesting finds afoot on eBay (afoot, shoes, get it? Ohhh the cheese!):
Easing our way into today's selection is this simple classic pump.  I picked it because I love this blue and blue is big this season.
About €18 including shipping

Try the lace trend on your feet with these!
Less than €30 including shipping but hurry as these are on sale!
About €40 including shipping, it's the perfect summer wedge
or something similar.....

Less than €40 including shipping.
Block is back and these are just lovely! They come in different colours but I like these best.
About €32 including shipping.

These are a bit quirky but I just love them! A bit girly and a bit tough :)
Less than €35 including shipping

And now for something completely different! I really like these.
About €30 including shipping
So fierce they actually scare me a little but they had to be on my list!
£16 and I almost didn't include them as they are only available in the UK and I REALLY don't like that but I'm willing to make an exception just this once!
Eat your heart out Dorothy! Blue is the new red! You can get them in black or gold too.
Less than €30 including shipping

Love the colours of these!
About €32 including shipping
These just make you wanna smile don't they?
About €32 including shipping :)
And finally these sparklers!
About €26 including shipping :)

I wish I had some cool collage way of showing all of these but my brain has issues with technology so for now this basic list format will have to do! Hope you spotted something you like :)
Have a great week!

-Vievie Xx

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