Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Fashion Fix

My favourite goodies spotted this week. Enjoy!

Jumpsuit, £75 reduced to £21!
About €32 including shipping :)

Go with everything heels :)
About €21 including shipping :)
Love the open back detail!
About €29 including shipping. It also comes in red.

Go get 'em tiger! (cheese please!)
Comes in black and yellow too!
About €16 and free shipping :)
On of my favourite finds this week!
About €22 including shipping.
Gorgeous cut-out heels
About €22 + shipping (contact seller)

Love this dress!
About €22 including shipping :)
Lovely necklace for about €12, free shipping :)
The perfect versatile summer dress
It also comes in pale yellow and minty green.
About €20 including shipping
Fun little shoulder bag
Only about €7 and free shipping!
Pretty day dress
About €20 including shipping
Geometric print jumper
Only about €16 and free shipping! :)

Last but not least this rose print scarf
About €12 including shipping

I'm finding it harder and harder to scale down my choices! I do hope there was something you liked in today's little (ish) selections!
Have a great weekend!

-Vievie Xx

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  1. I'm so glad you keep doing these posts. :)
    Love the first green dress!