Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fashion Week - Fashion Weak

It's such a huge deal! the next month half will be a frenzy of reports on fashion week. That is fashion weeks.  New York, Paris, London and Milan.... the mother ships of the fashion world.  Funny thing is while I love fashion I'm really not bothered about the frenzy.  You'd forget it was about fashion and think they had found a cure for some horrible disease the way they pump out minute by minute reports!

Keep up for goodness sake! Here is a picture of me at a fashion show to let you know I'm in the know and be the first to let you know what you should know! 

Queue Instagram for latest micro trend.

Observation: I love looking at all the different styles but no one ever says what they really think... well most anyway.  Doesn't seem to matter what appears as it's all 'fabulous' and 'beautiful'.  Rubbish! Give credit where credit is due but for goodness sake don't lie!

We've become afraid to dislike something because, heaven forbid, someone accuses us of 'not getting it'!

The Emperor's New Clothes, any read it? Great story.

Fashion muses are put on high to be admired for their amazing dress sense and when we get sick of them we can't get rid of them and are forced to see different versions of the same style recycled week after week in the glossies. 

Fashionista's complain about being exhausted from all the fashion week running around and parties they need to attend.. The poor things!  We are kept informed about the most useless details like little carrots to keep us hooked.

Queue Instagram of half eaten sandwich consumed while waiting for their flight to attend the next fashion show.  WHO CARES!

I'm not saying we should slate designers and badmouth people.  I don't like those who tare down either, it's not necessary, but there are ways of expressing ourselves without blowing things out of proportion and consulting a thesaurus to find new and interesting ways of using the word 'fantastic'.   

It's the whole race of it all I can't be bothered with. I'm looking forward to March when the dust will have settled a bit.  The ones reporting on fashion week will have slept and found time to process what they have witnessed as opposed to pumping out comments for the sake of being noticed and I can get a coffee without having missed 67 tweets in the space of 5 minutes!

Just you wait.  It's only when all the madness has passed that what people really think will start being printed and we can stop pretending that everything that came forth from fashion week was fabulous!

Who is with me? Hello? Is this thing on?
Queue tumbleweed Instagram.

If you have anything to do with fashion week I really hope you enjoy yourself and not stress yourself out into an early grave.  I for my part will continue to blog at my leisure and for my pleasure which is what fashion is about for me.

'Til next time - Vievie Xx

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