Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Carte Blanche

With all the print clashing, colour blocking and pastels it's nice to cleanse the palette in between with pure, simple, brilliant white.  Wearing black head to toe is easy but white requires a bit more skill and thought.  It was all over the catwalks this year and last but seems relatively discreet compared to all the other louder trends.  The perfect shade of minimalist requires little fuss and bling so don't over accessorise.  The idea is one of purity and will look great on our no-doubt-soon-to-be sun kissed skin.
Layer it in different tones or wear it pure and simple, it's sophisticated, clean and fresh. Here are a few examples of how to wear it and little finds I spotted in the past week or so.

Asymmetrical dress.
It comes in several colours but obviously I've got a theme so lets go with this one :)
About €32 including shipping.

Sport these for a fit look (get it? Sport, fit? Cheese!)
The sizes are listed separately but just email them the size you want or check out their online shop.
About €34 including shipping

Warm furry vest
About €40 including shipping

Metal collar tip shirt
About €14 and free shipping :)

Grey and white brogues
I think these look really smart!
About €40 including shipping

Smart wide leg trousers.
Pure sophistication, think Bianca Jagger :)
About €42 including shipping

Pretty little lace playsuit
About €32 including shipping

Cover up with a classic trench
Every girl should have one!
About €34 and free shipping :)

Long chiffon skirt
About €20 including shipping.

Black & white furry coat
Love, love, love this one!
About €37 & free shipping :)

Pleated chiffon dress
It comes in other colours as well.
About €32 including shipping

Frosty white chunky chain necklace
About €10 including shipping

Being about as sporty as slug I wouldn't normally spot trainers but there is something about these ones,
so I just had to include them!
About €36 including shipping

I must have really got into this theme as I still have loads of other items but this post is
getting ridiculously long as it is so I'll keep them for
another time!

Hope you spotted something you liked or at the very least gave you some
ideas on how to wear this lovely trend.

-Vievie Xx

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