Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shoe Be Do Be Do

I'm going bananas for shoes recently.  I say recently as I'm usually the sort who occasionally buys shoes and wears them to death but nothing seems to change an outfit as dramatically as shoes and it's all I can notice these days!  Personally I'm not one to get too wild about my style of shoes mainly because I have a few basic rules that must be followed. There are always a few exceptions but for the most part this is what goes through my head before I buy shoes:

1: I must actually like them, I refuse to follow a trend just because something is all the rage!
2: I must be able to walk in them.  I don't want to be part of the Lovely Wobblies, those ladies with their beautiful shoes that walk like their looking for a loo!
3: I can't have spent so much on them that I'm afraid to wear them - Pointless!
4: No pain! Life throws enough pain at you without you having to go looking for it!
5: Nothing that resemble what a small child or a clown would wear.
I think that's reasonable.

Keeping these little rules in mind I've come up with a sweet little collection of finds to share with you.

The perfect little heel/bootie
Only about €22 & free delivery :)

Somewhere over the rainbow :)
Only about €23 including shipping

Colour block, block heels
These come in a few colour combos
About €34 including shipping
Transparent & leather brogues
These will set you back by about €147 but some things are worth the extra non?
A different take on the silver tip
These come in 3 colours
About €50 including shipping
 Block heel with ankle strap
Available in 4 colours
About €29 including shipping
Classic pointy heel
I've had a pair like these for about 10 years and I still wear them!
Also available in red and grey.
About €50 including shipping.
These look so cute and comfy!
About €42 & free shipping
A little flower power!
These also come in black
About €34 including shipping
To go with anything heel
Also available in red or pink
Only about €25 including shipping
These lovelies mean business!
About €37 including shipping
Also available in black & silver
Slip into something more comfortable!
These are also available in loads of colours
About €24 & free shipping to most places

Flash Gordon approaching! :)
Also in black
Only about €24 including shipping
These are the perfect mix of everything for me!
Also available in nude
About €34 including shipping
Sport luxe wedge heels
Also available in orange
About €30 including shipping
Simply stunning strap heel
Available in a few colours
About €45 including shipping
Flowery slip on wedge sandal
Available in 3 colours
About €30 including shipping
And after all those, give me these please!
About €15 including shipping

Finding them was easy enough but choosing one won't be so easy! Which ones would you go for?
Let me know what you think :)
Hope you saw something you liked!

A la prochaine!
-Vievie Xx

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