Friday, 11 May 2012

Cold War

It's all well and good to have the latest summer fashion, but where's the bloomin summer?
Dressing as if it were warm has absolutely no impact on the actual weather. The only thing summery about my outfits lately is that I've swapped for lighter colours! We wouldn't have to talk so much about the weather if it wasn't an issue! Glossies in complete denial with their summery articles with lovely sunny snap shots from warmer locations are not doing it for me at the moment.
We may well want warmer weather but the fact is it's still freezing & dull outside so we can't very well go around looking like fools in our ice cream shades of California appropriate garb so this week I've put together a list of lovely jumpers.  Don't think of it as being stuck in last winter but that your ahead of the crowd with next autumn :) So here is my modest little jumper wish list:

Brilliant disco retro style jumper
About €20 including shipping

Warm sequin knitted cardigan
Only about €22 & free shipping!

Simple chic loose jumper
Available in 4 colours
Only about €15 & free shipping :)

Funny Bunny Jumper
Available in 5 colours
About €26 including shipping

Chunky knit jumper
Available in 3 colours
About €17 including shipping

Loose knit stripe jumper
Only about €17 & free shipping!

Pretty collar jumper
Available in various colours
Only about €18 including shipping

Prim & proper crochet cardigan
Also available with red trim
About €18 including shipping

Bird print sweater/jumper
About €32 including shipping

Irregular hem short sleeve jumper
About €16 including shipping

Classic cable knit Jumper
Available in about 7 colours
About €21 including shipping

Colourful crew neck jumpers
About €32 including shipping

Rose textured jumper
I've featured this one before but I just love it!
About €18 including shipping and available in 3 colours

Warm print jumper
Available in red as well
About €23 including shipping

And finally this loose fit jumper with lace trim
Available in 5 colours
Only about €17 & free shipping
check them out:

 I've decided to stop moaning about the weather and just buy more clothes :)To be completely honest I'm not a huge fan of the blazing sun but I would like to upgrade from this pale, slightly translucent shade with a hint of blue to something a little more healthy looking, maybe even sun kissed :) 
Have I mentioned I love eBay?  I tend to like jumpers from Asian shops, not only because of the great value and styles but they usually have pictures of girls wearing the item which makes it much easier to imagine how it will look on me!  I really like doing these little 'great finds' post but I hope to get myself a new camera soon and start posting outfits again :)  Bear with me until then!
Hope you spotted something you liked!
Let me know what your favourite is!
I think I have to go with the rose petal one, it's just so pretty!

Have a great weekend!
Vievie Xx

P.s - If it's your first time reading this blog, here's a link to give you an idea of my personal style: Mini Fashion Bio

Merci :)

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