Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What's New in the Kingdom of Random?

Pending the purchase of my new camera ('if only you just did it instead of talking about it all the time!' -thought the public) I used my phone to take pictures of my latest purchases and a few other random things that make me smile.  I don't know about you but having had a wonderfully happy childhood, I simply revel in all things nostalgic!

So nice I bought them twice!

Block heel open toe shoe, not so sure what to call these but I just love them!
I couldn't make up my mind which ones to get but at €16, from Dunnes Stores, I thought I may as well get both! I've been wearing these for days now and still can't get enough of them. Officially my every-day summer shoe (for now)

Me age 4.
If I didn't sound like a dying duck when I sing, I could have auditioned for The Sound Of Music!
(What a poser!) :)
I was desperate for a pair of shoes that clickety clacked like real heels and I used to nag my mother to death to buy me 'noisy shoes'.
I still love the sound of high heels!

I'm all set for the next series of The Killing!
The perfect itchy warm woolly jumper.
€2 from my local charity shop.

Green heels, €30 TK Maxx
Not quite warm enough but I look forward to wearing these!

Print trousers from Zara, €7 on sale.
They only had S & M left and I wasn't too confident about fitting into the smalls so I went for
medium. Happy I did as they fit just right around my thighs and I was able to take the waste in.

My father, my hero!
Dad at age 14.
He showed me the basics of sewing while reupholstering our dinning room chairs when I was 14. I've been sewing ever since and it's been one of the most practical skills I've learned!
Merci Papa! Xx
Breton jumper with suede effect elbow patches.
€11 from Penny's.
The perfect laid back jumper!
Now I'm off to read the boys a book.
All The Children Of The World Say Hello
by Herbert McClure.
The illustrations are beautiful and the kids just love trying to say hello in
all the different languages.
I volunteered at my primary school library when I was young (I much preferred it to spending my recess running around outside) and when they were clearing out books to make room for new ones I got to pick out a few to keep. I'm so glad I did as it's now one of my childrens' favourites!

Have a lovely week!
A la Prochaine!
-Vievie Xx

Doesn't everyone? :) 

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