Thursday, 31 May 2012

True Blue & Other Happy Things

Wearing my new jersey trousers from Penny's, vintage fine knit top and slingback heels.

The trousers are actually a lovely bright blue in proper daylight!
Tip: you might be tempted to dress down a casual item but by dressing it up you can actually get a chic look that's comfortable enough to wear all day.

A friend of mine popped in for coffee and bought me flowers! I think it's such a lovely thing to get someone. I love fresh flowers, they instantly cheer me up!

A fairly juvenile return to outfit posts (used an old camera) so I do apologise but life is on the up as  I have FINALLY been paid by my insurance (like drawing blood from a stone!) for my stolen camera and I promptly purchased a new one today...I'm so delighted! I've been miserable since it was taken from my home 2 months ago, not just because I couldn't post new outfit pictures but I've missed out on capturing some great moments with my boys! It's all in the past now so on with the show!

Do keep in touch as I've loads of outfits to show you and bargain finds to share with you AND I recently won an outfit posted by Natalie Hartley (Senior Fashion Editor of InStyle) from her fabulous blog  so I'll be sharing that with you as soon as it arrives!

A la prochaine!
-Vievie Xx

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  1. You won an outfit, how fab! How come I don't know about that blog? thanks to you I do now! x