Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nouveau Fashion Finds

I joined a gym this week.  Something I never thought I would do but having paid for a three month membership I'm counting on the guilt to get me there at least once a week to do an hour of swimming or that bicycle that doesn't go anywhere.  My goal? Wear shorts. Who knows when the sun will strike but when it does I intend to be ready for it!  I feel like a bit of an outsider, a fake, at the gym. I don't really like sports, I hate the workout gear and breaking a sweat even more but getting fit won't happen over coffee and toast so I'm gonna bite the bullet and go for it! If I don't bring it up again, don't ask.

It's been a mad busy week with the kids, as usual, and with my hubby doing up the garden I can't wait to make the most of it! One of my favourite things is having breakfast outside and leaving the back doors open all day long.  We are nowhere near this possibility at the moment so we live and hope....... and shop :)
I haven't hit the high street in a while but then I love finding things I'm highly unlikely to see on anyone else so online shopping suits me down to the ground. There is no particular theme for this lot, just a lovely selection of finds I spotted on eBay to share with you.

Heart print fine knit jumper
It comes in 9 colours
It's only about €11 including shipping!

Tie dye pleated midi skirt
I love this skirt and the midi style is not going anywhere so if you haven't had a go yet, now is the time!
Only about €16 including shipping

Ankle strap wedge
Available in 3 other colours
Only about €23 including shipping

Snake print trousers
I can't get enough of this trend! Wear them with a simple plain top and heels for a look you can take anywhere!
These are also available in a floral print
About €18 including shipping.

Deep red handbag
Perfect for anything and anytime of year!
About €31 including shipping
Also available in tan.

Two tone shorts, my reason for joining the gym! *sigh*
They also come in light blue
About €35 & free shipping!

A whole new meaning to silverware!
These fabulous silver jeans are only about €19 & free shipping!
This shop is full of little finds so check them out:

Lovely heart print blouse
Only about €13 & free shipping
check out the shop, I've gotten some great things there:

Silk print dress
It comes in a few different colours
Only about €18 & free shipping!

Draw string chiffon top
It comes in two other colours
Only about €16 & free shipping!

Strappy heel
These beauties also come in black
About €44 including shipping

Lastly these lovely giraffe earrings.
Wear them as earrings or just one as a brooch
About €11 including shipping

I hope there was something you spotted that you liked!
Next week I'm doing a huge clear out of my wardrobe for some much needed sorting out.
I hate it when I buy something new only to find I already had something almost the same buried at the back of my wardrobe! 

Have a great week everyone!

-Vievie Xx



  1. Great picks!!! I love the heart jumper, red bag, green shoes, heart print shirt etc etc lol

  2. Lovely things, I wish I didn't feel too old to wear those silver jeans, love them!

    1. If you love those jeans, go for it! Team it up with a soft loose knit jumper in a neutral colour like cream or navy. You could totally own those jeans! Xx