Monday, 23 April 2012

Minimal List

Less is more and all that.  The likes of Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim and Jill Sander understand the beauty of simplicity.  Effortless chic, understated, subtle etc etc.  The great thing about a minimalist look is that it's comfortable, clean and fuss free.  Not just when it comes to the actual outfit because there is no point in dressing like a minimalist if your going to slap on layers of make-up and a hairstyle that says 'ya, I got up early to do this and it took me hours'! Minimalist is a head-to-toe affair if it's to be executed correctly. Ballerina up do's, classic pony tail, the wet look or natural is what I think suits this look best along with a fresh clean face with maybe just a touch of mascara, soft blush or lipstick.  To keep it from looking bland the trick is a fabulous pair of shoes and maybe one bright accessory.  It's actually harder than it sounds, being simple that is. I like to pile layers of jewels, prints and textures to the point where I feel strange if I leave the house without a necklace or earrings.  Sometimes holding back is the tough part. Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny and Sophia Coppola are some great examples of how to get this look right.
Here's a few ideas on how to get the minimalist look and some lovely pieces I recently found that work well with it.

Shirt dress with pocket.
It comes in loads of colours but the cut differs slightly so look closely when you pick one.
Boots, necklace and your good to go.
About €17 & free shipping

Collar necklace
About €13 & free shipping

Wool blend cape jacket
About €25 & free shipping

Metal tip heels
These come in black, white & this light pink
About €46 & free shipping

Basic long sleeve top with pocket
It comes in loads of colours.
Never underestimate the basics. Really like this one.
about €14 & free shipping
White pencil skirt.
About €34 including shipping

Envelope clutch.
What I like about these is they look like they can actually hold stuff!
About €16 & free shipping
Soft tailored jumpsuit
About €24 & free shipping
Open toe wedge
Available in a few different colours
About €40 & free shipping
Wool & faux leather sleeved fitted jacket
It comes in black or grey & black
About €66 Including shipping
These are everywhere at the moment but not at this price! :)

Beautiful chiffon double layer loose blouse
I've seen a few of these on eBay but this little shop is the only one that has it in 6 colours!
About €20 including shipping
Think the Navy is my favourite
Check them all out:
Galaxy print t-shirt
About €25 including shipping.
I also liked the naff cat print one this shop has as well
Gold tone metal cuff
About €8 & free shipping
Wear one around your wrist or two around your ankles.
Faux leather crop top
About €34 including shipping
Gorgeous sequin bag
About €40 including shipping

It's getting harder and harder to limit the final lists but for now, this is my minimal list of great finds on eBay.  Tip: if you add something to your watch list and the sale comes to an end, don't delete it from your list. If the item is re listed it will renew itself on your watch list and you can buy it without having to do the whole search part of it.  I love the minimalist look and as soon as I get a new camera (any week now!) I intend to post my own version.  Whether your into this look or not I hope you still spotted something you liked.
Have a great week!


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