Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What to Wear Ideas

Bling! Bling! Oui, Bonjour?

My outfits are all over the shop these days! I blame this blaaahh weather! I love the little flower print of this shirt from France. It always cheers me up... I need some happy clothes when the sun is away. It's country cutsie poo so I think chunky bling makes it dressy.  I wear this with red jeans and black block suede heels (same as yesterday's blog). 
The retro telephone was my mom & dads up until recently and since our modern one died we use this one now.  It has such a friendly soft ring tone we haven't bothered to replace it!
These are my current favourite earrings, a presy from my lovely sister-in-law, also from France (the earrings, not my sister in law).  They remind me of 80's Dynasty style, only not so OTT.  They even look like clip-ons!

Last but not least, the latest thing I spotted that I want!
Zara have the perfect high heel shape! These would look great with my wool grey pleated trousers...... as soon as I get them :)

I don't always buy Look magazine but I did get the Aug 15th issue which features an article on Sophie Beresiner (Beauty editor).  I had no clue she had cancer but I did notice she was away the last year so I am happy to hear she is getting better.  I like the bit where they compare beauty products, and I always seem to agree with Sophie.  Looking forward to seeing your lovely crop do! All the best & Welcome Back! You have been missed!

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