Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What Will I Wear?

My big trip is coming up and and my need for retail therapy is off the scales!  I hit Limerick city centre for some last minute purchases and decided to wear this. I only just got the blazer this morning from The Cancer Society on William St. It's actually a boys age 8 suite blazer but I love the fit! The belt is Penny's , as are the loafers and dress. All together this outfit cost me about €22... I'm happy with that! :) Zara have a dress just like this one for €49.95 (check out the next picture) but this one from Penny's cost me €3 in last years Christmas sales. I love it when something becomes fashionable and I've had it for a while! Like a little victory! :)
I hate my legs! Hopefully the rest of the outfit makes up for it!

Love the colour!

Got this lovely little blue number from a charity shop for €3!
It's originally from Miss Selfridge but it reminds me of
the one Mollie King was spotted wearing from Lavish Alice.
They have lots of nice stuff at reasonable prices, check it out:

I like mine better though! :)

Good golly Miss Mollie!
(Oui, le cheese!)

This gold top (€2.50, SCORE!) is from one of my favourite secondhand shops in Limerick, Mirror on Lower Gerald Griffin St.
Unfortunately it's closing so everything has to go! Check it out while there is still some good stuff to be had! I'm really gonna miss that place! :(

This one from ASOS is €96.15 - Ouch!
In this month's Stellar mag it says it's €38.46 but the website says €96.15, you figure it out.  In any case, too much for me!
And I still prefer mine!

Last but not least, these last two items are from Principals but I got them in secondhand shops. €2 for the blouse and €3 for the cute paper bag waist skirt. 
Seriously, I don't know why people pay so much when they don't have to! I'm slowly getting my holiday outfits ready and trying my best to not bring too much! This weekend will be all about being reasonable and if I manage to do that I'll show you what I'm packing for my 5 week trip to Quebec, that's in Canada in case you were not sure :)

Really stressed out but I'm an organizational freak and as soon as my list of things to do is comlete I know I will relax and enjoy myself!  
A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx

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