Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Traveling with Children Part Two!

Well I survived my trip with three kids under 4 and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.... I wouldn't do it again just for the fun of it but besides being well stocked with wipes, snacks and activity books the most important thing was to go at it like it was a game.  I placed a blanket on the floor and after take off I put my youngest (7 months) on the floor nearly under a seat but he could roll around safely and I could see to the other two.  The little tv screens were helpful even though the kids couldnt use the earphones and having a change of clothes refreshed them halfway through the trip.  I must say I didn't find the airplain staff or airport staff overly helpful but if you don't expect a whole lot of help you wont be disappointed.  Don't be afraid to ask for something because what seems obvious to you doesnt to them unless you say it! I wasnt able to get the front seats with the bassinet but I booked the very last row so I wouldnt disturb too many people and the kids were able to stand up in their seats to stretch and we were right next to the bathrooms and staff area for extra water etc.  Even though your stuff goes all over the place during the flight, try to keep your carry on bag as tidy as possible to avoid panic searches for items.  Take the kids shoes off when they are seated to help them relax and offer a snack as soon as they sit down to keep them happy.  Other than that keep smiling! Xx

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