Monday, 8 August 2011

Dublin Treasure Trove!

Besides the great cause, it's a fabulous place for little treasures! George's St, Camden up to Rathgar is one of the best stretches of second-hand/charity shops and this is definitely one of my favourites!  It's spacious and the items are easy to see.  This place is fantastic for vintage blouses, skirts and dresses.  I wear this one I got there all the time!
Just because a place looks a bit ordinary doesn't mean it is! In fact I find these are the kind of places you find the best stuff in because the people there are not looking to be cool, but just provide good quality, clean second-hand stuff.  The imagination part is left up to you so don't dismiss something because it looks grannified! In any case, dressing like granny is really cool if you get it right! If you missed it, check out my blog a few weeks back about the best charity shops in Limerick: It also includes tips on how to make the most of charity shopping - or should I say "Chopping"? Did I just invent a word? You saw it here first! He he :) "Smile and make your bum jealous" as my mother in-law would say!

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  1. I think a trip to Yorkshire is in need so you can do a Gok Wan on me ;-) To make you proud of me, I shall dig deep in Primark & TK Maxx if I feel brave enough to hit the shops & report back of my bargain purchases! A la prochaine xx