Sunday, 21 August 2011

Travelling- With Children!

This is a practical one so I apologise for the lack of pictures! In two days I will be travelling from Ireland to Canada with my three boys ages 3, 22 months and 6 months. 12 hours, 2 flights and a lot of prayers! I like to be organised and this little voyage will put my skills to the test but I think I am ready!
The first thing is to make lists.....lots and lots of lists! I found this fantastic website called Packing List Online that generates a "To Do" list with your specifications as well as what to pack.  I highly recommend it as it has everything you could think of!
The only thing it wont tell you is what styles to bring so you need to be choosy and practical!

For the journey I have a double buggy so my 3 year old will have to walk but I have a harness to keep him safe and I've also a sling so if my 3 year old gets tired I can carry my 6 month old in the sling and he can ride in the pram.
  1. My carry on bag has 3 ready liquid SMA drinks in case I don't have access to boiled water and I also have the saches to mix when I do have boiled water.
  2.  Nappies, wipes, nappy bags and zip locks to contain anything that might get wet!
  3.  Change of shirts & pants for the two eldest and change of pyjamas for the youngest. I want them to feel comfy and clean so I will change their clothes between flights.
  4. Gravol for children (travel and nausea syrup for children) plasters, and nappy cream
  5. Colouring & sticker books (less messy), small toy cars and my imagination to keep them entertained!
  6. Loads of snacks & water in case you can't access food... kids won't wait when their hungry!
Thank goodness each seat has it's own little tv with children's movies and touch screen games (that should occupy them for at least 20 min!) Ask an attendant for children's earphones, they are the comfy ones that sit on the ears not in them.

Be upbeat and happy even if your seriously stressed out as the kids pick up on your mood and the less patient you are the less they will be!
    Don't worry about the little details of getting here to there, there will always be someone to assist you so just ask.  I'm getting one of those little golf cart things to get me from one flight to the next as with three infants I think I qualify for special needs!

The boys have their own suitcase each.  I paid big bucks for this trip and I intend to use all the luggage I am allowed!  Why should I squash all their stuff together when it leaves extra room for potential purchases if they have their own suitcases?

For the boys I simply pack for each: 4 Pyjamas, 4 trousers, 2 shorts,  6 short sleeve tops, 6 long sleeve tops, 8 pairs of socks & underwear, 1 nice cardie, 1 hoody, 1 light jacket, trainers, sandals and whatever particulars you want to include.  Remember you CAN do laundry on holidays! Whatever else you need can surely be purchased if needed and by having a list all the boys have an equal & balanced amount of clothing.
I've also packed 3 tins of SMA as changing formulas can upset baby's tummy :(
Spare soothers, children's neurophen (you never know),

For me:

Holiday Checklist

Destination: Quebec, Canada
Temperature: Between 18-32 Deg Cel
Duration: 37 days
Pick items that all go together to mix& match
3 trousers x 8 tops + 6 dresses = 30 different looks!
Further possibilities with accessories, cardies/blazer and shoes. (I know skirts allow more choice but I love my dresses! So easy and pretty!)
 Shoes (4 Pairs)
Brown loafers
Strappy tan cage-like heels
Nude flats
Bright purple suede heels
(I'm not sporty in the least so no trainers!)
Outer Wear
Navy blazer (to dress up)
Biscuit coloured boyfriend cardie
Navy boyfriend cardie
Other: Underwear, toiletries, jewellery, belts & scarves

1)Make a list and stick to it!
2) Don't pick items that look the same ie: 3 floral tops
3) Make sure all the items go with everything else to maximise choice.
4) If there is room left in your suitcase after everything on your list has gone in, fight the urge to add more! (Remember you will be shopping!)
5) Don't bring something you never wear.  If you don't wear it here, you won't wear it there!

Will try to take pics of my outfits while I'm there and I apologise I didn't get a chance to give you a visual of what I'm packing.... I'm a bit busy at the moment!

At the very least just remember you passports and Visa bank card.... Passport for travel and everything else can be bought!
Bon Voyage to me! A la prochaine! - Vievie Xx


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