Thursday, 11 August 2011

What to Wear

Just a suggestion. They are not the obvious choice but I love high waisted trousers!  They really do give you a waist! These are Savida from Dunnes but I got them in my local charity shop for €1 - Score!  You also find things that are still in the shops sometimes, with tags and all so don't assume it's all old stuff! 
The earrings are from ebay and the gold pendant is from Argos and can hold up to 4 photos.  I always wear it as it has pictures of my husband and 3 boys :) (aaawwww). The bag is a leather clutch from a charity shop... another fab outfit for less!  Would have liked to be wearing my new orange varnish but alas my nails are having none of it as they need a break :(  Have a nice day!

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