Sunday, 8 January 2012

Worth It?

Flicking through the Sunday Times Style magazine this week, as I do every week, I came across something that actually caused a sharp pain to shoot through my brain.  I'm not easily shocked by the price of fashion as I realise there is a pyramid system where the most exclusive and expensive items are at the top where we little people cannot touch them.  I know my place in the world and pride myself in finding stylish, good quality items at bargain prices but this made me a little sick to my stomach.

8 January 2012 Style magazine page 6, bottom left corner: Summer 2012 Stella McCartney textured look jumper - £4,285.

I had to look at it several times for the numbers to register. Look at the jumper, look at the price.  Look at the jumper, look at the price. Jumper, price. Jumper, price. Ouch.

Tasteless is the word that comes to mind.  Does it look nice? Yes.  Is it designer? Yes. Yet I can't help but wonder how some people sleep at night.  If it were handcrafted by blind tsunami surviving orphans using pure gold thread from the melted down jewels of Elizabeth Taylor's recently auctioned collection I can see how this price might be justified but that's not the case is it? (if it is, someone please tell me as it would be terribly embarrassing!)

Since when is fashion justified? Not often I suppose but at times I do worry about the message it gives.  This is not about a luxurious garment for a special occasion. This is clearly not about quality. Neither is it about design.  This is a big "I'm up here and you're down there".

There are fashion items I can't afford and will never be able to afford and there are those it must be said are not worth affording.

This is like the class snob selling you a piece of chewing gum for 50 times what it's worth and you buying it to prove you can.  To prove you can buy something completely unnecessary for a price that means something to most people. It doesn't elevate the value of the purchased item but only serves to minimise the people who can't  afford it.

I like nice clothes.  I like designer clothes and I know they come at a price but some things cost more than money and shouldn't be paid. 

Fashion serves many purposes and pleasures but this one is having a laugh at your expense.
It's a shame really. It's a lovely jumper.  Don't worry, there will be others.  Ones you can look good in and feel good about!

This viewpoint was brought to you by a normal human being - Vievie Xx


  1. I agree with this so much! I'm at a point in my life where there are so many things that I can't afford, and the idea of spending that much money on a jumper (!!!) just does not compute. That could actually be a whole year's rent (depending on what your rent is, obviously). I get the idea of designer clothes being higher quality and built to last and therefore costing more, but that is just a bit ridiculous. You could buy a car, tax and insure it for that amount of money. Completely mind boggling!